NYC Transplant Jumping Feet First into JUF Phonothon

JUF Phonothon

Logan Booth, Chair of the 2018 End-of-Year JUF Phonothon

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Westchester, New York and lived in the city [NYC] for ten and half years. I did my undergrad and masters at NYU and continued to live in NYC throughout law school at Columbia. I moved to Chicago 14 months ago and have jumped into Jewish life through the YLD (Young Leadership Division) community.


What did you do Jewish in New York?

UJA Federation New York Logo

In New York, I was really involved with UJA Federation and it was huge part of my personal life and my social life.  I explained being involved with the Federation network was so important to me in New York.


How did you get so involved in Jewish Chicago life?

When I knew I was moving to Chicago, I reached out to YLD staff before I even got to Chicago. That’s how I found out about LEADS. Actually, I started LEADs only 4 days after I moved here.  And now…90% of the people i know in Chicago, I know because I met them through the JUF or and mutual friends. JUF is the connector for me.

JUF YLD Israel Trip


Why is supporting Jewish Federations personal for you?

Both undergrad and grad school I majored in History, and am a Jewish American history nerd. We are by and large a community of immigrants. My grandparents on my mothers’ side are holocaust survivors and came here with nothing. For all of us immigrants, the incredibly established organizations in America have allowed Jews to help other Jews get to a position where they can support themselves. Rather than being complacent in this success, I see it as incumbent upon our generation to continue driving full speed ahead in the same way our parents and grandparents did in this realm of Jewish philanthropy.  I am fortunate to be part of the generation that was helped to succeed because of these establishments.


What do you do Jewish in Chicago?

So many programs! After LEADS I participated in Gesher a leadership training program as part of the 11th cohort. This was a program that brings about 40 people who are passionate leaders interested in learning more about the organization, fundraising strategies and gain training to support future involvement and volunteerism within JUF”. Basically, JUF 201. Now I am involved in Menshes in Motion which is a 6 week program of 25 people who volunteer each week at different organizations the JUF supports like the Uptown Cafe and the Ark.


JUF YLD Softball


Any other ways you do Jewish in the year you have been here?

Yes! I also have participated in the Table of 8 event and was even a table captain. I was a member of this past summer’s JFNA Chicago Cohort Young Professional trip to Israel. Now I am the chair of this year’s Phonothon. We want to motivate the next generation to play an active role to generate support, raise funds. At the end of the day, the JUF is a philanthropy and in order to fill our goals we need to raise money.


Shout out: Elizabeth Wyner Klitzner (who has since moved) and Shawna Sternberg for getting me involved in everything YLD

End of Year JUF Phonothon


NOVEMBER 27 | GIVING TUESDAY | Young Professionals Night | Chaired by Logan Booth 

5:30–8 pm Lillian and Larry Goodman Conference Center

JUF/Federation Building, 6th Floor | 30 S. Wells St., Chicago

Facebook page | Registration Link


☎️How did you get involved in the Phonothon?

After jumping into YLD and getting involved in every way I could, I was asked to get involved with the Phonothon. I was approached about spreading the word, even though I haven’t been here that long. I’ve done one Phonothon so far, since this is not something we did in New York. I really love the experience of being in a room with a bunch of awesome people, food and drinks making calls that actually matter. For me, it is YLD and really just young leaders calling their peers in the community. The goal is to make calls and inspire people to fulfill their outstanding pledge for this pledge cycle or re-pledge for next cycle.


☎️What is special about this Phonothon?

I am the chair for the Phonothon and excited to announce for the first time [in recent memory] we are awarding prizes for making a difference! We know we are asking people to come out after work. Not everyone is so comfortable doing this type of development. So now we are offering prizes to 6 people for three different categories.

?1st Place

? Most money raised: 2 tickets to the Chicago Bulls

? Most pledges closed: Complimentary ticket to the Big Event

? Most calls made: $50 gift card to DineAmic Restaurant Group

?2nd Place

?$36 “voucher” to use for admission fee to future JUF events


Contact Logan for more info or register today!


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