Where to Eat Kosher Chinese Food in Chicago

It is December and Kosher Chinese Food is a must! You can try and make it at home but everyone knows – takeout is the way to go.

There so many restaurants to eat Chinese food in Chicago, but if you are looking for kosher Chinese food in Chicago – here is where to find it. 

Hamachi – 2801 W Howard St

Hamachi Kosher Chinese Food Chicago - ChiTribe
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This restaurant is one of the few that serves Asian style food all year-round. Hamachi’s Chinese food menu is the perfect place to start this December and to find classic treats. If you are on a bit of a healthier route, you can always go with some sushi and live through January guilt-free.


Milt’s BBQ for the Perplexed – 3411 N Broadway St

Milts Kosher Chinese Food Chicago
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Milt’s is known for one thing – MEAT. This December the are putting their smoked meats into Chinese favorites for you. Here is what they had to say on their Facebook page:

Good evening Milt’s fans, we are a week away but here is a teaser for our annual Dec 24/25 legal holiday American Chinese-fest (also referred to as Christmas by many)! We will be offering our popular specials like fried rice, lo mein, 5-spice wings, szechuan green beans, and egg drop soup. Make your reservations ASAP, as we are expecting to be packed both days. See you then!


The Great Chicago Food and Beverage Co – 3149 W Devon Ave

Great Chicago Chinese Food Kosher

The name says it all – Great Chicago is open and ready for your order! While this Facebook post is from 2013 – you know they will be keeping their December Minhag – open with a full Chinese menu 🙂


Tacos Gingi – 5128 Dempster St

Tacos Gingi Kosher Chinese Food Chicago

A newcomer on the scene, Tacos Gingi is more than just a kosher taco restaurant in a gas station. They have pleased their customers for the past year and are ready to serve you some picante orange chicken. Hop on over to the Skokie Swift and you can walk to Tacos Gingi from the train. 


Azari Deli – 2485 Howard St (Inside The Jewel)

A new deli in the Evanston Jewel, Azari Deli will be cooking up Chinese Food for your takeout needs. Generally focused on Shabbat takeout food, this new deli should be offering Chinese food according to a post in Chicago Kosher Restaurant Foodies. Oooo- and don’t forget to ask for a sample first!

All of these great options are reminder of how Chicago is a great place to live and even more – eat!

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Josh Gibbs

Josh Gibbs