Save and Sweat: 2019 Solutions

Save and Sweat: New Years Fitness Resolutions chitribe

Frugel Fitness Advice 2019

Happy New Year! We all know the gym is about to be ridiculously packed, and you will not be able to reserve a spot in any of the classes you want. For like a week. For more local fitness solutions, check our Jewish Person of the Week Kacie Diamond’s Cold Sweat Podcast. 


Podcasts are Free.

Podcasts are not only free, but a great way to keep motivated throughout the day.  To stay motivated and learn more about your own personal health, here are 2 great choices to try out this new year:

diet starts tomorrow betches chitribe

Diet Starts Tomorrow

By the fabulous Betches. If you are trying to get the tone lean look, I always and forever recommend this Podcast. This is about all things weight loss, wellness and fitness from the perspective of real women who have experienced the struggle throughout most of their lives, and have come to lose substantial weight. In a world where wellness looks perfect on Instagram but feels impossible in real life, this podcast acknowledges the reality of the psychological and emotional side of weight struggles. Hosted by Betches Co-Founders, Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein. 


cold sweat podcast chitribe

Cold Sweat Podcast

The Cold Sweat Podcast explores local Chicago fitness opportunities and we also focus on all things health, fitness and wellness. It gets so cold here in Chicago, but we still have to sweat. Jewish Person of the Week Kacie Diamond discusses Chicago studios and gyms, talking to local experts, and getting our health and fitness questions answered. DM or email to submit questions or comments!

IG: ColdSweatChicago

Save on Classes.

You do not have to spend so much for a great work out. Going to a new studio can be intimidating and uncomfortable, but getting out of your comfort zone is where the difference happens. Here are some basic tips to make this entire process easier, cheaper, and sweatier.

Download ClassPass

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Basically, pay for a number of points that translate into studio classes each month and then sign up at all the different studios offered. The ClassPass philosophy is that Studio fitness is the best way to work out. Those small, expensive boutique classes become a lot more practical and accessible with this system. ClassPass is also a great tool for the traveling professionals who are tired of boring hotel gym workouts.

classpass chicago chitribe

Intro Offers are Everything

Take advantage of every intro offer. You may afraid to try new things, but when there is an intro offer like get a month free or 50% off your first week, buy it. 


Look for the Deals

Black Friday deals are clutch and everything will be on sale. New Year’s is not so different. With all these resolutions, there are a lot of deals to be found to save this season. 


Buy in Bulk

Math is simple: you get a better deal and save more when you buy in bulk. If it is a service you are going to use, buy more than less and challenge yourself. It may seem like a huge number when there is a special package, but break it down to find the best bulk options. 


This article was inspired by ChiTribe’s interview of Kacie and her fitness wisdom. 

Learn more about local Chicago fitness from Kacie Diamond, Jewish Person of the Week. Kacie is a self made Fitness Guide with all the tips to save and sweat in 2019. When Kacie was diagnosed with Crohn’s four years ago, she had to make major life changes in order to function and stay healthy. Check out Cold Sweat, Kacie’s Podcast. Cold Sweat is a new podcast for the Chicago area discussing all things health, fitness, and wellness. DM or email to submit questions or comments.


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