Jewish Couples who Met on Nativ – Melody and Avi

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Melody Coven and Avi Coven 

Relationship Status: Married for 5 1/2 Years!

Met ON…  

Melody and Avi met on the Nativ gap year program in Israel, but special shout out to the Hillel at Indiana University- because they got engaged in the Hillel library. Go Hoosiers!


Melody and Avi became best friends on their gap year on Nativ.  They met during an ice breaker for the group where Avi introduced himself, according to the ice breaker instructions to an include an adjective starting with the same first letter as your name, as “Acceptable Avi.” 

Melody thought it was so shy, sweet, and charming that she turned to the person next to her and said “I want to be his best friend.”  They decided to try their luck with turning their friendship into a relationship around Purim time of that year, with only two months left of the program. 

met you at chitribe avi melody

Ten years later almost to the week, they’re expecting their second child. MAZAL!

Key to Relationship Success:

Open communication and a cleaning lady.

And the Nagging…

Avi nags Melody most about spilling crumbs in the bed and sorting laundry correctly.  Melody nags Avi most when she pleads for him to stop listening to a specific right-wing political commentator who she hates and is too embarrassed to name in this forum

Favorite Jewish Experience as a Couple:

Now that they’re “real grown ups with china,” they like setting an extra fancy Rosh Hashana table, but it’s hard to beat dressing up in couples (and now family!) Purim costumes.  Their all-time favorite was their Lechem Mishna costume as two loaves of challah back in college. 

met you at chitribe avi melody

PS. They have a beautiful three-year-old daughter named Dita!



Best Couple Pic:

met you at chitribe avi melody


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