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ChiTribe Channukah Guide 2019

channukah chitribe 2019 chicago

ChiTribe Channukah Guide 2019

The best list of Hanukkah Events in Chicago in 2019 featuring lights, latkes, miraculous barcrawls and spiritual shabbat dinners hosted all over the city.

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Ever since the Chicago Fire in 1871, Chicago has have shown that we are a city that can overcome many odds and rise through the flames. We will also persevere to make this Hanukkah as LIT as possible. 


When is Hanukkah in 2019?

Sunday, December 22nd – Monday, December 30th

How can you celebrate Hanukkah in Chicago?

ChiTribe is ready to help you find the best places to celebrate Hanukkah in Chicago. So, get ready to spin the dreidel and light the menorah as you sing, drink and eat your way through Hanukkah Events in Chicago.


Before Hanukkah | Events in Chicago

Tuesday, December 3rd 

JNFuture Chicago 6th Annual Dreidel Tournament

Shout out to JNFuture for posting the first Channukah event on Facebook for 2019. 

Saturday, December 7th – EIGHT BARS OF CHANNUKAH

EBOCH Eight Bars of Channukah 2019

Saturday, December 21st (the Night Before)

Hanukkah Trivia Night

1st Night of Hanukkah | Sunday December 22nd 2019

2nd Night of Hanukkah | Monday December 23rd 2019

Save the Date – J-Life Chanukah Party!


3rd night of Hanukkah | Tuesday December 24th 2019 aka Christmas Eve



4th night of Hanukkah | Wednesday December 25th 2019 (Christmas Day)



5th night of Hanukkah | Thursday December 26th 2019


SHABBAT 6th night of Hanukkah | Friday December 27th 2019

7th night of Hanukkah | Saturday December 28th 2019


8th night of Hanukkah | Sunday December 29th 2019



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