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Who is The Next Jewish Person of the Week?

Jewish Person of the Week is a ChiTribe staple inspired by GatherDC and their amazing work. The goal of Jewish Person of the Week is to recognize individuals in Chicago (and beyond) making an impact on the world. ChiTribe is proud to showcase the diversity and impact of Jewish people living in Chicago. In each article, we profile a person and their industry, and of course Jewish involvement.

Is there a Jewish person in Chicago who is making a difference? Submit a nomination below.

Meet The Jewish People of the Week of 2021

Zak Shapiro

Daniel Aschheim

Yisrael “Sruly” Bogopulsky

Ben Gould

Yehuda Bromberg

Carol Kurth

Ashley Gordon

Lindsay Barnett

Zev Ginzburg


Cantor David Berger

Benna Kessler

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