Introducing Virtual Shabbat Clusters

virtual shabbat clusters chitribe


ChiTribe Clusters are now VIRTUAL and at 7:30 pm CDT Weekly on Fridays. Join a virtual cluster this winter and find a community for Shabbat!

SAVE THE DATES for 6 Sessions:

February 2021: February 5th, February 19th

March 2021: March 5th, March 19th

April 2021: April 2nd, April 9th

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What Is A VIRTUAL Cluster?

It is a call over zoom with 10 others (households) to light the candles together, say Kiddish, and Motzei (no matter what you are eating or where you are). These virtual clusters will happen over zoom and the goal is to create a space for you to experience shabbat as part of a community. Also, we will of course play games and have ice breakers on every call.

Based on how many people express interest will determine if we run this program. ChiTribe is here to be a resource to support you in the ways you need, and if you do not need another Zoom call…that is completely fair.


ChiTribe has provided my link to the outside world during the pandemic. In the tumult of intensely loneliness living alone, and the fear and confusion of working in an industry kneecapped by an economic collapse, ChiTribe became a constant presence with weekly virtual Shabbat cluster dinners. I’ve made new friends and strengthened friends with those I’d had before. I’ve felt just as, if not more, connected to the Jewish community as before this entire crisis. ChiTribe enabled that.

Matt W.

ChiTribe’s Shabbat clusters are a great way to bring unengaged and unaffiliated Jews into the community. From the 3 cluster shabbats I attended, I was able to meet new people and start building organic and Jewish centric relationships. ChiTribe helps make these shabbats feel intimate, exciting, and comforting through an emphasis on inclusion and pride in being Jewish.

Jonathan Kamel

Find All Jewish Events In Chicago On The ChiTribe Calendar