Friendseder™ 2024 in Chicago

ChiTribe is excited to present a 30s and 40s Friendseder™ 2024 on April 19th to make Passover even more accessible for the 30s plus community. Powered by  provides resources, activities, and content for people interested in hosting Passover experiences with friends in the month leading up to the holiday. This year that means that Friendseder™ season is March 25th, 2024 though Passover (April 30th). Keep reading for more information about what ChiTribe has in store for Passover.

Friendseder™ is all about empowering YOU to bring Passover to life in your own way and become part of something larger than just your own dinner/hosting experience. Because you’re in charge, you get to invite anyone you want — Jewish or not, family, friends, maybe even your beloved family pet! This is the perfect opportunity to gather your peeps together to generate new energy and ideas around Passover. All the choices (and probably matzah) are in your hands.

30s and 40s Friendseder™ 2024

ChiTribe Friendsgiving 2024 Friendseder
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ChiTribe would like to help you create a Friendseder for you, your friends, and your family this year.  We are hoping to organize Jewish young adults in the Greater Chicago Area to host their own Friendseder.

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Friendseder™ in Chicago and What to expect

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ChiTribe is fast becoming a fun haven for Jewish adults in their 30s and 40s to connect with Judaism. Passover is our annual holiday that allows us all to gain perspective on where we were as a people yesterday, where we are today, and where we hope to be in the future. So leave behind the traditional seders you may (or may not ) have attended in years past and help ChiTribe create something new and unique.

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To create and foster an accessible, inclusive, relationship-driven community for young adults and families with young children that uses Jewish wisdom and ritual to help community members flourish as human beings.


That people who encounter The Well will so love being part of Jewish community that they actively and wholeheartedly help cultivate community for and with others.

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