About ChiTribe

About ChiTribe

About ChiTribe

ChiTribe helps Jewish young adults find their tribe-within-a-tribe by making it easier to meaningfully connect with each other at Jewish experiences in the Chicagoland area. ChiTribe make it simple to discover and navigate Jewish events and organizations with a unified community calendar and directory.

ChiTribe is a pluralistic grassroots effort that aims to make it simple to find your tribe and empower you to create the Jewish community you want.

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About ChiTribe - Sam Getz-Sheftel
Sam Getz-Sheftel
About ChiTribe - Rebecca Joey Schwab
Rebecca Joey Schwab
About ChiTribe - Shaily Hakimian
Shaily Hakimian
Becky Adelberg
About ChiTribe - Josh Gibbs
Josh Gibbs