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About ChiTribe


ChiTribe aims to make it simple for Jews in Chicago to find their tribe-within-a-tribe. Through a central community calendar and filterable organizational directory, ChiTribe is a pluralistic grassroots effort to help post-college/pre-family navigate Jewish Chicago and find the events and communities they are looking for. ChiTribe empowers Jewish young adults to create the opportunities for community they want to see.

Through the human centered digital platform ChiTribe.org and intentional programming to facilitate meaningful connections, ChiTribe aims to be the rising tide that lifts all Young adult Jewish Life.

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The ChiTribe Team

Rebecca Joey Schwab - ChiTribe Founder









Rebecca Joey Schwab



Sam Getz-Sheftel - ChiTribe Founder

Sam Getz Sheftel


The Team:

Becky A.

Shaily H.

Josh G.

Ashley G.

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Writing Collaborators:

Jake Dermer

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Nasya Miller

Reflection and Celebration Storyboard Experience

Mandy Hakimi

Kayla Rachel

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Becky Adelberg

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Amanda Monto

Amanda Monto ChiTribe

Josh Gibbs

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Samantha Marvey

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Hayley Levitan

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Kacie Diamond

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#Tbt to Chinese Food and Chill 2018 at Picante Taqueria

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