About ChiTribe

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About ChiTribe

Find Your Tribe [within-a-tribe].

Mission Statement:

ChiTribe was founded with the goal of making Chicago Jewish life more transparent and accessible to a modern Jewish community. ChiTribe functions as a resource to connect young Jewish people with communities, events and organizations that fit their interests. By aggregating and streamlining all things Jewish via central calendar and location, ChiTribe bridges the gap between those looking for a community and the communities looking for them.


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The ChiTribe Founders

Rebecca Joey Schwab

Rebecca Joey Schwab - ChiTribe Founder

Sam Getz Sheftel

        Sam Getz-Sheftel - ChiTribe Founder








The ChiTribe Board:

Sam Getz-Sheftel, Shaily Hakimian, Falan Austin & Emily Bitzer

The Core Team:

Becky A., Shaily H., Josh G., Kayla M., Amanda M.

ChiTribe.org has all original content written by community collaborators about local individuals, businesses, holidays  and events. Currently there are 15+ ChiTribe content collaborators and growing. This is a specific need in the community as millennials read content when it specifically relates to their needs. ChiTribe will focusing on Video content to help reach a larger audience based on market research. Since its creation, ChiTribe has produced over 60 original articles and growing.


Writing Collaborators:

Interested in writing for ChiTribe? Email Rebecca today!

Jake Dermer

Nasya Miller

Mandy Hakimi

Kayla Rachel   

Becky Adelberg

Amanda Monto

Josh Gibbs

Samantha Marvey

Hayley Levitan

Kacie Diamond

Nat Torn

Jessica Leving

Josh Harlow

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ChiTribe Holiday Guides

ChiTribe creates an online round up holiday guide for every major holiday in Chicago, so young Jews who will not put any more effort than a simple search into High Holiday participation. This also encourages greater participation in every holiday highlighted including the High Holiday Guide, Christmas for the Jews Guide, Tu B’Shvat Guide, Purim Guide, Passover Guide, and Shavuot Guide.


Find all the Chicago events on ChiTribe’s Event Calendar