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ChiTribe was founded with the goal of making Chicago Jewish life more transparent and accessible to a modern Jewish community. ChiTribe functions as a resource to connect young Jewish people with communities, events and organizations that fit their interests. By aggregating and streamlining all things Jewish via central calendar and location, ChiTribe bridges the gap between those looking for a community and the communities looking for them.


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Jewish People of the Week

Jewish Person of the Week is a ChiTribe staple inspired by GatherDC and their amazing work. The goal of the Jewish Person of the Week is to recognize individuals in Chicago (and beyond) making an impact on the world. ChiTribe is proud to showcase the diversity and impact of Jewish people living in Chicago. In each article, we profile a person and their industry, and of course Jewish involvement.

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Jewish Eats in Chicago

Find all the latest in Jewish eats in the city. ChiTribe loves to share local businesses and the best Jewish food options in the city. From Chummus to Bagels to the newest spots for takeout, ChiTribe has you covered.

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