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Author: Rebecca Schwab
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Purim Events in Chicago 2019 Guide

featuring THE WHOLE MEGILLAH:¬†Purim Events in Chicago Be Happy it is Adar in Chicago! Are you more of an Ester or a Vashti? A Haman or a Mordechai? Find out at one of these Purim events in Chicago in ChiTribe’s

Winter Shabbat Clusters are LIVE

Shabbat Clusters are LIVE and BETTER than ever! After the first round of successful clusters, ChiTribe will be organizing the winter round 2019! Groups are for singles and couples. Jews of all backgrounds are welcome. Clusters are formed based on location,

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Jewish Couples who Met on Birthright – Samantha and Avi

Samantha Plotnick and Avi Schiffman Relationship Status:¬†Dating! Met ON…¬†¬† Shorashim Birthright How?!¬† Samantha and Avi met their Birthright trip. They had actually went school together,¬† but didn‚Äôt know each other. It was meant to besheret! Key to Relationship Success: Communication,

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ChiTribe Pitch from Co-Founder Rebecca Joey Schwab

ChiTribe Pitch from Co-Founder Rebecca Joey Schwab Rebecca Schwab has participated in two Community Connect Entrepreneurial Fellowship Cohorts to learn to present and pitch about ChiTribe.¬†Many have been wondering our mission, our pitch, do we have a calendar?   ChiTribe

Dybbuk DePaul ChiTribe

A Dybbuk at DePaul

   Spotted: Yiddish Theatre in Chicago. A Dybbuk at DePaul! Take a journey to the past with this moving Jewish shtetl love story that turns into a ghostly folktale-live in Chicago! ChiTribe interviewed Director Jeremy Aluma about this production to learn