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The Birth of The Matzo Bash

The Birth of the Matzo Bash in Chicago

 There is a chasidic story about two boys from the North Shore of Chicago that went to study at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. Have you heard this one before? One joined AEPi, the other ZBT. Yeah, you’ve heard this one before…But we promise this is a story

Friday Night Low Key Shabbat ChiTribe

The Low Key Shabbat Experience You Should Know About

The Story of Friday Night and Creating a Low Key Shabbat Experience The struggle can be real when you move to Chicago from another state. The Jewish community of Chicago often return back home so it can be difficult for newcomers to find their roots. When Rabbis Carlie and Ryan

8 Nights for Chanukah Donuts in Chicago chitribe

8 Nights for Chanukah Donuts in Chicago

Do you ever wonder why it is a tradition to eat sufganiyot (donuts filled with jelly/jelly donuts) for Hanukkah? Many Jews eat fried foods to celebrate the miracle of the one-day oil supply lasting for 8 full nights. You can continue to commemorate this marvel by eating donuts every night


The Epic of EBOCH – A Chanukah Barcrawl in Chicago

The Story of EBOCH – The Eight Bars of Chanukah The winter is a time for epic tales of light, warmth and victory. Especially in Chicago, where the temperature drops below freezing and drives friends and families inside – storytelling is incredibly important. The tradition of sharing stories is one

Michael Solomonov ChiTribe

Zahav’s Michael Solomonov Upcoming Trip to Chicago

A ChiTribe Interview with Visiting Jewish Chef Michael Solomonov Everyone knows Jews love to eat – and we love to eat Israeli food. We are welcoming Michael Solomonov with open arms as he joins us in Chicago for an upcoming trip and feel lucky to have had the chance to

Chronnikah Dark Matter Coffee - ChiTribe

Chicago Coffee Roaster Celebrates Chronikkah

A New Way to Celebrate Hannukah in Chicago – Dark Matter Coffee’s Chronikkah Many of us know the story of Hanukkah, the festival of lights – a story of how a small group of Jews fought against all odds to overcome a brutal regime that aimed to end the Jewish

ChiTribe Shabbat

ChiTribe Shabbat ChiTribe Connects Jewish Chicago: Find Your Tribe   Top 5 ways to find Shabbat in Chicago:  OneTable – Chicago Moishe House Mishkan Meals – YumCard / Yum Card – Mishkan Chicago Seven Species Supper Club & Catering The Jewish Social Network helping to connect the Jewish people. Bonus: