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Brand New Bond Coffee Collective is Vegetarian, Kosher, and Dairy

Brand New Bond Coffee Collective is Vegetarian, Kosher, and Dairy ChiTribe goes behind the scene with an exclusive interview with Founder Max Dayan of Bond Coffee Collective. Bond Coffee Collective is a hip new coffee shop – it’s vegetarian, dairy, and certified kosher. It’s designed to be a community gathering space

Jswipe Date Chicago

Where to Go on Your Next JSwipe Date

Where to Go on Your Next JSwipe Date in Chicago…So At Least the Drinks Aren’t Disappointing by Jaclyn Nagel Summer in Chicago is all about taking advantage of the weather, which, for some of us, means drinking at as many rooftops, patios, and Riverwalk establishments as possible. Summer is also

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Urban Challah Made Local in Chicago

Urban Challah Made Local and Kosher in Chicago! Looking for real Challah in Chicago? Look no further. As of May 2019, Urban Challah is here and incredibly delicious. Brocha runs Lincoln Park Chabad with her Husband Rabbi Mendy. She is taking the old classic to a new level at the Green

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Chicago Hummus at Cira Worth the Shlep

ChiTribe Continues to Search for Chicago’s Best Hummus – Cira Chicago Everyone knows Jews love to eat – and we love to eat Israeli food. Have you ever passed by the Hoxton Hotel and wondered if that was a lobby or an amazing Middle Eastern restaurant? It is called Cira and you

Authentic Hummus in Chicago: LaShuk

There’s hummus, and there’s authentic hummus. I couldn’t find anything that reminded me of the flavor, texture and taste I missed from home. Therefore, I made it my mission to create the best hummus I can and bring it to the Chicago community. – Yosi A. Everyone knows Jews love to

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Jewish Eats: Chicago May 2019

ChiTribe has the scoop on all the Jewish Eats in Chicago this May 2019 Make May Delicious.    Zingerman’s Pop Up Calling all U of M Grads! May 19th-May 20th Deli Deliciousness from MI The Daily Ruin Click For More>> @Zingerman’s LaShuk: Chicago’s Best Hummus Where can you find authentic

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Passover: Your 7 Day Gluten Free Trial

Passover: Your 7 Day Gluten Free Trial Well…Almost By: Rachel Gold Nowadays you probably know someone who eats a “gluten free diet.” Many times when I say I’m gluten free, people respond with “ugh that sounds so hard,” or “I could never be gluten free,” or “what even is “gluten?”

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Eight Beers to Break Passover With

Chicago has AMAZING Breweries: Eight Beers to Break Passover With by Jaclyn Nagel Depending on your diet, the eight days of Passover can seem a little like wandering in a (food) desert for 40 years: no bread, no pasta, and definitely, no beer. However, after an 800-year hiatus for the Ashkenazis,

Where to Order In Meals this Passover

Where to Order In Meals this Passover

Once the leftovers are gone, it starts to feel like it might be the end. Save the hassle and order in meals this Passover from local restaurants.  No, GrubHub and UberEats does not have a “Passover” filter this week so we decided to create a list to help you cook

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Four Wines For Your Not So K for P Seder

Who says ANY of your Seder wine needs to be Manischewitz this year? Impress your guests with an array of wines to fill your four Wines this Seder season.   Disclaimer: None of these wines are necessarily certified kosher or kosher for Passover   First Cup After a long google