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High Holidays in Chicago Directory 2021

Services, Shofars, and Everything Else Find all the links to register for High Holiday services, events, meals, and more. Find all the socially distanced shofars and Sukkot opportunities, with Bagels and Schmear for the New Year and Tashlich at Humboldt Park. Everything is on the ChiTribe High Holiday Guide. Anshe

Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Challah

High Holiday Recipe From Jeremie Lappe We love sharing recipes from the community and one of our favorite contributors, Jeremie Lappe, has another delicious treat for you to try. Nothing is better than a simple and sweet Rosh Hashanah challah recipe. This apple cinnamon stuffed challah yields 2-3 loaves and

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Blue Line Jews: Jewish Life on the Westside 2021

West Side Jewish Life: Tashlich at Humboldt Park 2021 It’s time to ring in the New Year, and there’s no better place for it than breezy and beautiful Humboldt Park.  Oak Park Temple and the Wicker Park Moishe House once again welcome Jews—and their family and friends—from up and down

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Rosh HaShanah 2021 with Central Synagogue

Tickets for Young Professionals & Students are complementary!!! Virtual or In-Person High Holiday Services 2021 Central Synagogue of Chicago Registration for Young Professionals and students is totally free! Contributions are appreciated but not required. Join Central Synagogue this year for inspiring Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services led by Rabbi

Tashlich at Humboldt Park wicker park moishe house oark park temple

Tashlich at Humboldt Park

Bring in the New Year with Oak Park Temple and Wicker Park Moishe House on September 7th Toss out the crumbs of the past and get ready for a new year. Join outdoors for complimentary light dinner! join the oak park temple at Humboldt Park september 7th from 6-7:00 pm

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No-bake Israeli Cheesecake

High Holiday Recipes from South Bend Challah Company Sheer Levav, owner of South Bend Challah Company, shares a classic Shavuot staple OR a Yom Kippur break fast miracle. You choose! We all love cheesecake and breaking the fast so make yours extra delicious. Find all the High Holiday recipes for

High Holidays Recipes 2021

Whether or not Rosh HaShanah this year will be in quarantine, let’s make it delicious. To help you make the high holidays sweeter, ChiTribe asked local Chicago Chefs and Bakers for some recipes to spice up the new year. From Yosi at LaShuk to Laura from Base Hillel, there are

Simchat Torah 2021 Guide

Happy New Year 5782, Chicago! Find all the celebrations for Simchat Torah in one place. Do you want to dance outside with the Torah? Whether you want streaming or IRL, find all the options on this guide. This year due to rising COVID numbers, ChiTribe will be updating this guide

Sukkot 2021 Guide

Happy New Year 5782, Chicago! Find a Sukkah for all the nights of this festival holiday on the ChiTribe Holiday Guide. This year due to rising COVID numbers, ChiTribe will be updating this guide as new information is added. Stay updated and Find Your Tribe. This page will be frequently

Socially Distanced Shofars chitribe chicago

Socially-Distanced Shofars 2021 Guide

Happy New Year 5782, Chicago! From Shofar blowing to all the Rosh HaShanah services in the city, find your holiday experience on the ChiTribe Holiday Guide. Find everything for Yom Kippur and Kol Nidre! Make this new year sweeter with ChiTribe’s High Holiday Recipes 2021! This year due to rising