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Chicago High Holiday Glossary

Making this new year sweeter…virtually! Searching for a service and want more information on Chicago organizations and congregations? If you still need to register here is a glossary with all the links you need for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur 2020. Find Your Tribe for the High Holidays Click on

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Socially Distanced Shofars in Chicago

Socially Distanced Shofars for Rosh HaShanah 2020 Find a socially distanced shofar near you. This Rosh HaShanah services are virtual but shofars are all over the city. Here is a guide to help you hear the shofar in a safe way this season! Shofars in Chicago Rosh HaShanah Day 1|

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Reflecting for the New Year

There are so many things in my life I wouldn’t have chosen if you gave me full range to choose, like being single and 30, having lived in Chicago the last 6 months straight, doctor’s order’s to go off gluten and dairy for 6 weeks and when I actually chose those things

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Kosher Bourbon Orange Honey Cake from Brocha

Kosher Honey Cake with FAKE Maple Bacon from Busy Mom Allstar Brocha Brocha Benhiyoun is an amazing baker, creator of Urban Challah, helps run Chabad of Lincoln Park and also mother of infant twin boys! This Rosh HaShanah is different for Chabad of Lincoln Park but they are sharing delicious

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Duvshaniot (Honey Cookies) Recipe from LaShuk

Israeli Rosh HaShanah Treats from the Creator of LaShuk Straight from the kitchen of Chef Yosi Alhadif of LaShuk, you have to try this Israeli Rosh HaShanah treat called “Duvshaniot”. These round honey spiced cookies are an essential part of the holiday for the Alhadifs. Yosi is a graduate of

chitribe Jewish Community Networking Night: What’s Your Story?

Virtual Jewish Community Networking Night with Spertus

Last year, ChiTribe was honored to receive the award for Jewish Innovation 2019 at the Spertus Institute annual Jewish Community Networking Night. This year is no different! Jewish professionals and volunteers from organizations across North American are invited to gather virtually for Spertus Institute’s annual Jewish Community Networking Night.

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Moroccan Salmon Recipe by Laura Elkayam

This Elkayam family recipe is course number 2 of 4 in a typical shabbat or holiday meal. If eaten right, you never use your fork (and instead nudge and scoop the salmon with its surrounding sauce (called ‘H’raime’) with a generous nub of challah). It elevates the meal and opens up the appetite for more yummy food! As is the case with all authentic North African/Middle Eastern recipes, Laura could not give the exact measurements, but she does her best to describe the qualities and process to get the perfect Morrocan Salmon.

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So much more than Tie Dye: Tits and Tots

Meet Jojo Rubnitz and Becca Flyer. Both Jojo and Becca work for an organization called KAHAL that helps study abroad students find Jewish resources no matter where they are traveling in the world. The pandemic has obviously shifted their work a lot, so the team has been refocused on some other projects, like PPE distribution within the Jewish community and virtual language exchanges. Now they started a side hustle selling hand made tye-die for moms.