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ChiTribe is at the forefront of redefining what Jewish life looks like in Chicago. Our mission is to create a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates Jewish culture, traditions, and innovation. Through our central calendar of everything Jewish happening in the Chicagoland area, ChiTribe is building more than just events.

Make a Difference with Your Support

Has ChiTribe made a difference in your life?

At ChiTribe, we are more dedicated than ever to ensuring our sustainability and continuing our vital work within the Jewish community in Chicago. Every day, we are reminded of the significant impact our efforts have made—simplifying access to Jewish life in Chicagoland through our comprehensive central calendar, easy-to-navigate website, the innovative ChiTribe App, and informative weekly emails.

By the Numbers:

  • 200,000K annual impressions through the ChiTribe website
  • 5,000 participants engaged each year in accessible ChiTribe programming
  • Over 20 unique programs a year (in the city and suburbs)
  • 1,200+ events hosted annually on our calendar from over 100 Jewish organizations across Illinois.

These numbers represent more than just statistics; they symbolize a vibrant, connected, and growing community—a community at risk without adequate support.

The Risk We Face

Without necessary funding, the future of ChiTribe—and by extension, the central hub of Jewish connectivity in Chicagoland—is uncertain. Our role in facilitating growth, connection, and support within the community could diminish, affecting the innovative ways in which our community comes together.

Your Role in Our Future

We are at a crucial point. The sustainability of ChiTribe depends on the generosity of individuals like you. Your contribution can make a real difference. Whether it’s supporting our programming, contributing to our operational costs, or helping us grow our reach, every donation brings us closer to securing our future.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate Now: Every contribution, large or small, supports our mission
  • Spread the Word: Share our message with friends and family who can also make a difference
  • Get Involved: Volunteer or participate in our programs to see your impact first-hand

ChiTribe is central. We are accessible. And we are vital to the Jewish life in Chicagoland. But we cannot do this alone. We need your help to ensure that ChiTribe not only continues but thrives.

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Together, we can secure the future of Jewish community connectivity in Chicago.

Help Chicago Jews Find Their Tribe!

As we continue to expand our offerings with new events and engaging content that spans the spectrum of Jewish life, the need for your support has never been more critical. Your contributions help us not only to maintain the quality and diversity of our programs but also to dream bigger, reaching more people and making a deeper impact in our community. Join us in this exciting journey to keep Jewish life in Chicago thriving, innovative, and accessible to all. With your help, we can continue to grow and offer meaningful experiences that celebrate the richness of Jewish culture, inspire connections, and support personal and communal growth. Support ChiTribe today and be a part of shaping the future of Jewish life in Chicago.

ChiTribe has provided my link to the outside world during the pandemic. In the tumult of intensely loneliness living alone, and the fear and confusion of working in an industry kneecapped by an economic collapse, ChiTribe became a constant presence with weekly virtual Shabbat cluster dinners. I’ve made new friends and strengthened friends with those I’d had before. I’ve felt just as, if not more, connected to the Jewish community as before this entire crisis. ChiTribe enabled that.

Matt W.

What I find special about ChiTribe is that it attracts a group of people I have not seen at other Jewish events in Chicago and how well it is organized. There seems to have been a gap in Chicago that ChiTribe is able to fill. I appreciate the mixture of events and different ways to get involved.

Scott P

Hear from the ChiTribe Audience

ChiTribe has been a great way to connect, in person and now virtually, with new friends. They have a lot of events of different types and sizes, and have provided an important link to the Chicago Jewish community.

Kim K.

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