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Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner in Uptown

Uptown Moishe House

Is it really Thanksgiving without a huge meal? Join us the week before Turkey Day for a special autumn-themed Shabbat…

Shabbat Dinner!

Uptown Moishe House

Get excited for the second Shabbat Dinner from the 2021-22 Uptown Moishe House Cohort! We will have food, we will…

Hindsight is 2020 Shabbat Dinner

Uptown Moishe House

Every year in recent history, Facebook has curated a “Your Year in Photos” for each Facebook user. We plan to…

MoHo Mixology Happy Hour

Uptown Moishe House

Using recipes from "The Gefilte Manifesto" which emphasize classic Ashkenazi flavors (like simple syrup made from the same seed that's…