ChiTribe Posting Policies

ChiTribe Posting Policies

ChiTribe was founded with the goal of making Chicago Jewish life more transparent and accessible to a modern Jewish community.

Please submit your community events, but ChiTribe will only post according to the following policies:

For an event to be listed and promoted by ChiTribe, the event must:

  • Be Jewish
  • Be open to young Jewish professionals
  • Be open to the public

For an event to be listed and promoted by ChiTribe, the event must not:

  • Promote any illegal (by secular law) conduct.  This includes, but is not limited to, illegal drugs, theft, or vandalism
  • Promote violence
  • Promote hate toward a specific group
  • Attempt to convert Jews to another religion
  • Place attendants in physical danger

Statement of Non-Discrimination

ChiTribe is a resource to connect young Jewish people with communities, events and organizations that fit their interests. By aggregating and streamlining all things Jewish via central calendar and location,  ChiTribe will not promote one form of Judaism over any other. ChiTribe will post and promote all Jewish events in the greater Chicagoland area it is aware of or made aware of, unless disqualified by the above provisions, regardless of the event’s host organization or philosophy (political, religious, or otherwise). While ChiTribe  recognizes many types of Judaism, we do not post events hosted by “Jews for Jesus” or any other Messianic Jewish denomination.

Posting policies inspired by

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