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R&A Bread Bakers ChiTribe

Bagels, Lox & A Whole Lot More From R&A Bread Bakers

Meet Rachel and Adam Beltzman, founders, owners, and operators of R&A Bread Bakers! Beginning as a small-time hobby during the early days of the pandemic, the Beltzmans transformed their love and passion for baking into a full-time business. Read about Rachel and Adam, how they got into the baking game,

ChiTribe Business of the Month: Mahtzee

Meet Zach Wishnov! Zach is the creator and owner (and chef) at Mahtzee. By day, Zach works in IT product management. When he’s not working, he’s baking Mahtzee and building an online store to give people the gift of delicious matzah toffee. Get a taste of Mahtzee at the upcoming ChiTribe 30-Somethings Hanukkah Happy Hour on December

hanukkah Jewish Eats chicago

Jewish Eats Chicago: Hanukkah Edition

Oily, delicious Chanukkah delicacies are all over Chicago from homemade latkes to sufganiyot. This is a Chicago round-up of everything you need to try this holiday. Latke Time With Meet Jessica Williams Sufganiyot At Smack Dab Chicago Jelly Donut Ice Cream from Bartleby’s and Masa Madre Find all the Hanukkah

latke love chitribe

Latke Time with Jessica Williams

Local Jewish chef Jessica Williams is just starting out her business and has lots of latkes for Chicago to savor. If you need to order homemade latkes for any Chanukah event, Jessica is your lady! Orders can be placed via email to thanksalatke312@gmail.com. Follow what Chef Jessica is up to

smack dab sufganiyot chitribe

Sufganiyot at Smack Dab Chicago

Smack Dab Chicago Sufagniyot…OH MY! Smack Dab is offering a limited number of sufganiyot, so be a mensch and get your pre-orders in! Click here>> HANNUKAH TREATS ARE HERE….MAZEL! You can get other Hanukkah goodies to pick up at the same time, but donuts will only be available 11/30! Smack

5 Best Places to Get Corned Beef in Chicago

Searching for your favorite Corned Beef deli sandwich? The great deli tradition is alive and well in Chicago. We’re here to help with our 5 best places to get corned beef in Chicago. Manny’s, The Bagel, Morry’s, Moon’s and Steingold’s are our picks, read more to find delicious corned beef.

Top 5 Chummus Spots in Chicago

Looking for the best places to satisfy your chummus craving in Chicago? Look no further, ChiTribe is here to share the top 5 best places in Chicago to find authentic chummus. Learn more about where to order the most delicious chummus in the city. Ema, Aba, Galit, Sultan’s Market, and

Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Challah

High Holiday Recipe From Jeremie Lappe We love sharing recipes from the community and one of our favorite contributors, Jeremie Lappe, has another delicious treat for you to try. Nothing is better than a simple and sweet Rosh Hashanah challah recipe. This apple cinnamon stuffed challah yields 2-3 loaves and

no bake Israeli cheesecake chitribe

No-bake Israeli Cheesecake

High Holiday Recipes from South Bend Challah Company Sheer Levav, owner of South Bend Challah Company, shares a classic Shavuot staple OR a Yom Kippur break fast miracle. You choose! We all love cheesecake and breaking the fast so make yours extra delicious. Find all the High Holiday recipes for