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Helping The World One Challah at a Time

Meet Rose Groat-Fischer, founder of Challah at the Irish Lady. During the month of March, she donated 100% of her profits by selling Challah to a group called Save The Children Ukraine. Since then, Rose’s success has landed her on TV and continuing her contributions to the Ukraine cause. Rose

Chicago’s Five Best Matzo Ball Soup

Searching for the best matzo ball soup in Chicago? You’ve come to the right place! ChiTribe is here to share the 5 best places to get delicious matzo ball soup in the city. Check out our list including The Goddess and Grocer, Steingold’s, Frances’ Deli and Bakery, Manny’s, and RYE.

Order In for Passover 2022

Passover Dinners Made Easy this Passover 2022 Here is our round of Jewish Eats for Passover Chicago edition. Learn more about all the amazing options for an easy and delicious AND meaningful Passover made delicious. ChiTribe Jewish Eats Passover Feature: Zeitlin’s Deli Catering Options Do Not Passover Chicago’s Newest Jewish Deli:

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Passover Catered by Zeitlin’s Deli in Chicago

Do Not Passover Chicago’s Newest Jewish Deli: Zeitlin’s Modern Jewish food and deli classics you’ve been waiting for. Authentic and innovative recipes inspired by Chicago, baked for all! Zeitlin’s Deli Passover is only a couple of weeks away and now is your chance to cater your Passover with Zeitlin’s Delicatessen.

Meet Sam Owner and Creator of Zeitlin’s Deli

Meet Sam Zeitlin, owner, and creator of Zeitlin’s Delicatessen. Like many of us, Sam began baking during the Pandemic and his business has blown up. Check out more about Zeitlin’s Delicatessen and upcoming pop-ups so you can get your bagel fix throughout the city. ChiTribe was excited to learn more

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Delicious Challah Creations from Yalla for Challah

Meet Becky Davidoff, owner, and creator of Yalla for Challah. Becky began her Challah journey in March 2020. Making each Shabbat special, even when Chicago Jewish life was virtual. Learn more about Yalla for Challah! The word Yalla means “Let’s Go”. In Israel you often hear “Yalla, Yalla-  lets go lets go”  Yalla

R&A Bread Bakers ChiTribe

Bagels, Lox & A Whole Lot More From R&A Bread Bakers

Meet Rachel and Adam Beltzman, founders, owners, and operators of R&A Bread Bakers! Beginning as a small-time hobby during the early days of the pandemic, the Beltzmans transformed their love and passion for baking into a full-time business. Read about Rachel and Adam, how they got into the baking game,

ChiTribe Business of the Month: Mahtzee

Meet Zach Wishnov! Zach is the creator and owner (and chef) at Mahtzee. By day, Zach works in IT product management. When he’s not working, he’s baking Mahtzee and building an online store to give people the gift of delicious matzah toffee. Get a taste of Mahtzee at the upcoming ChiTribe 30-Somethings Hanukkah Happy Hour on December

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Jewish Eats Chicago: Hanukkah Edition

Oily, delicious Chanukkah delicacies are all over Chicago from homemade latkes to sufganiyot. This is a Chicago round-up of everything you need to try this holiday. Latke Time With Meet Jessica Williams Sufganiyot At Smack Dab Chicago Jelly Donut Ice Cream from Bartleby’s and Masa Madre Find all the Hanukkah