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Are you a Jewish 30s or 40-something looking for community events that are right for you? At ChiTribe, we are aiming to host more events for this important demographic in 2024. From Happy Hours to Shabbat Clusters, we hope you will find new ways to engage with others. ChiTribe is for all Jewish adults who might be single, married, divorced, and beyond! Currently, our calendar supports Young Adult programming alongside Young Families, and singles opportunities for ages 30-49. Stay tuned for more 30s and 40s Jewish programming from ChiTribe!

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Are you seeking deeper spiritual experiences like Torah study sessions or prayer groups? Do cultural events such as Yiddish language classes or Israeli film nights interest you? Are you drawn to community service, for which we can organize volunteer opportunities. For those focusing on career growth, we’re considering hosting networking gatherings and mentorship programs.  Tell us what you need!

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Upcoming Events

Have you ever thought: I wish ChiTribe existed 15 years ago?

Support ChiTribe’s growing effort to support Jewish life for 30s and 40s! Chicago is full of amazing opportunities, over 100+ Jewish organizations, and thousands of events. We are excited for a new year of new connections. Your support makes a huge difference.

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