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Volunteer With ChiTribe

volunteer with chitribe

ChiTribe Leaders Initiative 2021
Have you been wondering how you can get involved with ChiTribe? Do you want to help make the community you hope to see. HERE IS YOUR MOMENT, and we need you!

ChiTribe is working on putting together some programming for the Winter and Spring. This pandemic is not ending soon and we want to create a new way to make the transition back from this normal to the new normal to NORMAL. This means we need dedicated leaders who are passionate about helping create community even during this isolating time. IT IS POSSIBLE- BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The world keeps changing. We want to start making more opportunities for connections while we figure out when we are all safe again. This might begin with smaller groups, zoom calls and evolve into in-person when the world allows. We want to be ready to make Jewish life easier THAN EVER BEFORE? We need flexible, enthusiastic and creative people willing to fill awkward Zoom silences with great conversation.

Please fill out this form to share your interests, more about you, and how you want to make meaningful connections possible during COVID and beyond. Please email Jessica jessica.bershad@gmail.com and austen.hufford@gmail.com, ChiTribe volunteer leaders who want to make this pandemic more bareable for everyone!

If you want to find small group opportunities to give back in the city, let us know who you are and what you hope to gain! We are just starting this initiative and want to be able to provide at least one opportunity to make a difference a month.

JUF TOV Volunteering for COVID-19


chitribe volunteers greater chicago food depository
This past February at the Greater Chicago Food Depository

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