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Who is the Team behind ChiTribe?

ChiTribe is a grassroots organization that is majorly volunteer-led. After 5 years, ChiTribe is still a resource for all of Jewish Chicago. Directed by Rebecca Schwab and a team of incredible interns and volunteers, ChiTribe continues to fill the gap making Jewish life in Chicago accessible. These are the ChiTribe Jewish People of EVERY Week. If you are interested in getting involved with ChiTribe and taking on a leadership role, get in touch today!

Co-Founder & Executive Director

rebecca schwab chitribe

Rebecca Joey Schwab

Rebecca specializes in identifying new markets of disengaged populations and auditing current engagement materials and social media platforms.

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Originally from Skokie, Illinois…

Rebecca grew up in private Jewish education from K-8 at Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago. Every summer, she attended Camp Young Judaea Midwest. After attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, focusing on Jewish Studies, Hebrew Language & Semitic Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies, Rebecca decided to pursue a career in the Jewish world. 

Rebecca specializes in identifying new markets of disengaged populations and applying engagement strategies throughout social media platforms. She put this knowledge to use when she decided to create a new organization in Chicago to reach the internet generation where they are at – online. After moving back to Chicago from Wisconsin, Rebecca found it more challenging to find community than she expected. 

As Co-Founder and Executive Director of ChiTribe, Rebecca is optimizing Millennial and Gen Z connectivity in a changing environment throughout Chicago. ChiTribe is a product of best-in-class practices for Jewish engagement, online and off.

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Adam Rowe

adam rowe chitribe

30s and 40s Expansion Manager

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Hello Greater Chicago Area Jewish adults! Adam Rowe hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He and his 10-month-old puppy, Clementine, now call Hyde Park home. Adam is dedicated to assisting you in finding your unique space to flourish as a Jewish adult. Whether you’re someone who is actively striving to balance personal and professional life, Adam is here to support you. He invites you to reach out and join him for a chat over coffee or tea. If you’re up for a bit more adventure and don’t mind “braving the elements,” a walk outdoors is also on the table. Feel free to let Adam know if you’d enjoy Clementine’s company on your walk.

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Cailyn Etheredge

cailyn etheredge ChiTribe Team

ChiTribe Event Coordinator

Business Management, DePaul University

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Cailyn Etheredge’s is ChiTribe’s veteran intern with comprehensive experience in event production and marketing. Her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including venue coordination, event staff management, and handling all event logistics from check-in to closure. In her digital marketing endeavors, Cailyn develops and distributes promotional materials, designs email marketing campaigns, and conducts social media promotion across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Additionally, she uses her design skills to create eye-catching graphics and branding elements. Cailyn’s work extends to editorial tasks like proofreading and website administration, ensuring seamless communication and user experience. Her research work on successful Jewish organizations further enhances ChiTribe’s reach and mission-driven events.

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Jonathan Roven

ChiTribe Computer Science Intern

University of Chicago – MS Computer Science and BA Linguistics

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Jonathan Roven is a a rising fourth-year college student at the University of Chicago pursuing an MS in Computer Science and a BA in Linguistics. Jonathan is a Computer Science intern at ChiTribe. A fun fact about him is that I’ve played the piano since he was 5 years old. Jonathan is an active member of Kappa Theta Pi, a professional technology fraternity at his university. He loves traveling, especially solo, and he has been been to more countries than in the US states. Jonathan also love playing and writing music, learning foreign languages, and spending time with his dog. Contact Jonathan,

The ChiTribe Team, Now and Then

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ChiTribe Board

ChiTribe board

Shaily Hakimian

Falan Austin

Emily Bitzer

Co- Founder and Board Chair Sam Getz-Sheftel

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ChiTribe Team

ChiTribe Team