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Wandering Jews (Chicago Jewish Housing)

This group was created so that young Jewish professionals 21-45 in Chicago could connect to find people to live with and places to live in. Instead of it being segmented across other organizational groups on FB, it exists here. Post if you have an opening, or are looking for housing! No commercial postings, links to sites you need to sign up to view, selling stuff or off-topic posts, please. Keep it kosher, folks. Facebook

Chicago Jewish Central

Chicago Jewish Central serves as posting boards for the neighborhood and beyond. Much like Craigslist, here you can feel free to ask questions, look for carpools, announce yard sales, sell items, announce curb alerts, etc. However, unlike Craigslist, we keep it kosher here. Please use this group with care. No Loshon Hora (Gossip) & No Hateful Speech. No Political Agendas. They will be removed without explanation. Additionally, at times, if the admins feel that a post is becoming to divisive or is not productive to the group, it will be shut down/deleted. Facebook

Chicago Class of 2018

This is a place for all graduates from 2018 who moved to/stayed in Chicago after graduation. Find out who will be in town, what events going on and who is going, and more. Learn more about Chicago’s Jewish community and get involved with social events, networking opportunities, volunteering, religious and holiday celebrations and much more! Facebook

YAD Chicago

The Young Adult Division (YAD) of Anshe Emet Synagogue brings together Jewish adults in their 20s and 30s from Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and other areas of the city and suburbs of Chicago. YAD provides young Jewish adults with opportunities to meet, pray, play, learn and give back in a community setting. For additional information, join our Facebook group or email us at

YLD (Young Leadership Division of the JUF)

JUF’s Young Leadership Division is committed to building a better Jewish community in Chicago, Israel, and around the world.  Facebook

Chicago Young Jewish Professionals

Chicago YJP is a place where young Jewish professionals come together to connect, to grow, to learn, and to be inspired. Facebook   

Old Town Moishe House Community

Every month, Old Town Moishe house hosts awesome events like Shabbat Dinner, homemade cooking classes, yoga, and so much more! If you’re not on the list, email or sign up here. Facebook