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Shabbat Clusters ChiTribe 2022

Eat and celebrate Jewish life together in small clusters in person. You must be vaccinated to participate. While people celebrate Shabbat in many places – like synagogues, community centers, and more, all of these dinners will take place in the home of host Jewish organizations in Chicago that are in your Shabbat cluster. You must be vaccinated to participate in all ChiTribe in-person events. Register Recent College Grad Edition on August 12th at BASE LNCLN OR Register for a Taste of Clusters on August 19th at Wrigleyville Moishe House.


To ensure ChiTribe clusters, all participants must provide proof of vaccination to attend the in-person Shabbat dinner experiences. ChiTribe requires all cluster participants to have the third booster shot and show proof when registering. All cluster groups will not exceed 20 people. If you have been knowingly exposed to COVID-19 within five days preceding your cluster date, please do not attend.

Taste of Cluster 2022 – August 12th

Taste of ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters

This Shabbat is a “Taste of ChiTribe Clusters” to experience the community of a cluster without the 3-month commitment. There are two Shabbat options to choose from based on age and location. If you are already assigned a cluster (or assigned to one of these clusters) you DO NOT need to register again.

Recent Grad Shabbat at BASE LNCLN | August 12th, 7:30pm | $15

BASE LNCLN is hosting Recent Grad Shabbat (ages 22-24) in Lincoln Park. Join this group if you are a recent grad, new to Chicago, and looking for a community!

Taste of Clusters at Wrigleyville Moishe House | August 12th, 7:30pm | $15

Wrigleyville Moishe House is hosting Taste of Clusters for 24-32 year olds in the Lakeview area. This cluster is to experience the Cluster experience in a central location. If you live in Uptown, Lakeview, or Lincoln Park (or you want to shlep!) this cluster experience is for you.

2022 Summer Clusters

June 24 | July 22 | August 12

***You must be vaccinated to participate in all ChiTribe in-person events.

LOCATION: Hosted in partnership by Moishe Houses of Chicago and BASE

LOCATION: Hosted in partnership by Moishe Houses of Chicago and BASE

We LOVED Shabbat Clusters and made our first couple friends as a couple through ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters. We see them all the time now! Shabbat Clusters was a low-key way to spend a Friday night, meeting new people and celebrating Shabbat.

Shana Silver & Adam Yasinow

Shabbat Clusters FAQ

What are Shabbat Clusters?

Traditionally, our Shabbat Clusters are a fantastic opportunity for Jewish individuals to gather, eat dinner, find their communities, and most importantly, celebrate Shabbat. These clusters occur all across the city and are hosted by a participant of the group. During COVID, Vaccines are required and group sizes will have a capacity of 12 or less.

How are they formed?

ALL Clusters are formed based on the person’s location in the city and age. We desire to have 10-12 participants and a Shabbat Cluster leader. We are looking for volunteers to lead our clusters, let us know you are interested in hosting in your registration.

Where do they meet?

The location of the In-person Clusters will vary but are hosted by members of each cluster.

Virtual clusters are on ZOOM!

How often do they meet?

In-person Clusters meet every month for three months.

How much do Clusters cost?

The cost for 6 sessions of ChiTribe virtual clusters is $36. All the proceeds from the registration cost go to supporting ChiTribe programming. If the fee is cost-prohibitive to you, please let us know at and we will work with you to make it accessible.

What are Shabbat Cluster Coordinators?

Shabbat Clusters Coordinators help run each virtual cluster. ChiTribe provides a module for each of the six sessions with game options, ice breaker questions, and more to help you create a virtual community for Shabbat. Email Rebecca to get involved!

ChiTribe provided the Jewish community at a time when I felt alone and scared. ChiTribe brought together people I would never have met, and the community and consistency of the group have brought new friendships and people I can turn to for advice. I am incredibly grateful that ChiTribe remained active during the Pandemic, and I am excited to continue spending Shabbat with my cluster. Honestly, it is the one calendar invite I always look forward to.

Shoshi B.


A Recap of Virtual Clusters 2020-2021

ChiTribe hosted over 80 virtual Shabbat experiences throughout the pandemic. The Tribe gathered virtually every Friday night to celebrate and find our community. We had two rounds of Virtual Cluster cohorts in addition to our weekly cluster and these 10-12 person virtual clusters were formed based on location, age, and interest. We had some awesome volunteers who facilitated these cohorts including Laura Levine, Ashley Gordon, Matt Weil, Shuva Brodley, and Shoshi Shapiro.

ChiTribe has provided my link to the outside world during the pandemic. In the tumult of intense loneliness living alone and the fear and confusion of working in an industry kneecapped by an economic collapse, ChiTribe became a constant presence with weekly virtual Shabbat cluster dinners. I’ve made new friends and strengthened friends with those I’d had before. I’ve felt just as, if not more, connected to the Jewish community as before this entire crisis. ChiTribe enabled that.

Matt W.

Past Virtual Shabbat Clusters: TV Binges

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