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Meet Abby Shure, Chair of the JUF YLD Winter Phonothon


Playing and coaching frisbee makes scheduling Jewish life a challenge. I always joke that I found a way to make a Jewish life and a frisbee life because those things are not compatible. I love being involved in both, but it means sacrifices because of time and travel.

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After attending Northwestern University, Abby moved from Evanston to Chicago began creating the community she lacked throughout college. Abby grew up in Pittsburgh was very involved in BBYO and was a camper at Emma Kaufman camp. As a student at Northwestern, Abby was not involved with campus Jewish life and felt a void for all four years.

It is not always easy to just show up to events. Part of this confidence, Abby explains, comes from knowing that making conversation in a Jewish space is always an easy first step to getting to know new people, making new connections, and enjoying yourself. From Abby’s experience, as long as you go to an event and make an effort, the event can meet you the rest of way. The YLD community is where Abby found a home in Chicago. 



WHAT THE HELL IS…a Phonothon? 

Abby notes that the biggest barrier to getting involved with the Phonothon is understanding what the fundraising event is. Abby Shure is honored and excited to be the chair and have the ability to give back on such a large scale. After her years of involvement, Abby understands where the money raised money goes and truly appreciates the how valuable the YLD is as a subset of donors. 

I am involved with the Phonothon because it is an opportunity unlike I have ever had!

Cliff Notes from the Chair

  1. You Make Phone Calls (Yes! Thats super intimidating)
  2. Calling strangers sucks, especially calling strangers and asking for money sucks.
  3. Making calls is not hard.
  4. And when it is, there is a script and a room full of people all around you that have experience making calls
  5. If you speak slowly and read the script, you can do a really great job and give back. 


Dear Abby: If people understood how low barrier and easy it is they would get more involved. I am also nervous every first phone call, but then they pick up and I start with “Hi, I am Abby” and it is not hard so hard after all.

abby shure phonothon chitribe

JUF Young Professionals Winter Phonothon

February 5 @ 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

JUF Young Professionals Winter Phonothon

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