Jewish Couples Who Met at Moishe House – Melanie and Adam

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Melanie Studnicka & Adam Kouba

Relationship Status: Dating!

Met At…  Old Town Moishe House circa summer 2016


Adam and Melanie went on a group trip to Madison, WI to support a mutual friend from the community as he completed his first Ironman race. The group rented an AirBnB for the night before. After dinner, Melanie and Adam  started playing heads up, just the two of them! Adam was guessing and Melanie was giving clues, but would only do the children’s deck.   

met you at chitribe adam melanie

Key to Relationship Success:

Understand what are important extracurricular hobbies or involvement needs to a part of their lives to keep them fulfilled and support them in it!  Melanie is super involved in Moishe House (and JWI Chicago), and when she was considering moving into the Old Town Moishe House, Adam knew it was important and supported her application.  Melanie supports Adam’s hobby around D&D and understands that some nights, he needs to come home from work and just play some video games.  

And the Nagging…

Melanie nags Adam about wearing 2 different colors, as he has an affinity to wear a groutfit (grey outfit). 

Adam nags her about picking hairs off her shirt and then dropping them on the floor.    

Favorite Jewish Experience as a Couple:

Traveling couples: Adam and Melanie most enjoyed a Passover seder at Chabad House Belize! 

met you at chitribe adam melanie


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