Chicago’s 2019 Moishe House Purim Party

Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party

Purim is the one time of year that all Moishe Houses in Chicago come together to celebrate!

Chicago’s 2019 Moishe House Purim Party is your chance to meet new people and learn more about Hyde Park Moishe House, Lakeview Moishe House, Old Town Moishe House, RSJ Moishe House, and Wicker Park Moishe House.

Purim is the joyous time when all the Moishe Houses throughout the city plan one ultimate party for all of their communities. Usually, each Moishe House in Chicago plans their own events for holidays, volunteering and community action events. Purim is when they bridge the neighborhood divides that make each house unique and come together as one community to celebrate.

What is Moishe House? 

Moishe House provides vibrant Jewish community for young adults by supporting leaders in their 20s as they create meaningful home-based Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers. Chicago alone is home to five communities – second only to New York City. 

We asked residents of each Moishe House, “Why is the Moishe House Purim Party so special to you?

Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party - Lakeview

Lakeview Moishe House – Simon Kaufman, Mallory Rose, Noah Lybik, Isabelle Stern

For the last two years, Purim has been an opportunity for all of the Chicago-area Moishe Houses to come together for one night to celebrate a fun holiday as one Moishe House family. Being a part of the Moishe House community helps tighten our bonds to Chicago’s larger thriving Jewish community. – Simon Kaufman 

My favorite part about the Purim party is that it brings together people from each of Chicago’s thriving Moishe Houses to celebrate together for one night. It encompasses everything that Moishe House attempts to do by creating an inclusive holiday celebration.

Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party - Old Town

Old Town Moishe House – Carly Nashban, Melanie Studnicka, Ally Koplas, Eliza Mandel

As a [Moishe House] resident it’s easy to get caught up in one area of Chicago, attending your own events and surrounding yourself with the same people that are part of your own Moishe House community. The annual Purim Party is a wonderful opportunity to get out of our own bubble and connect with all houses and people across Chicago. Even if you haven’t attended Moishe House events  in the past or don’t come often at all, this is the perfect opportunity to meet not only all of the residents, but every Jew in Chicago looking to make new friends and community! -Eliza Mandel

Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party - RSJ

RSJ Moishe House – Irvin Vaysberg, Ricky Lekakh, Alex Kislov, Lance Diamond

Purim is truly an open door holiday… We’ve seen people in here who we’ve never known, but we automatically feel comfortable with them because we have something in common.”

Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party - Wicker Park

Wicker Park Moishe House – Jordan Friedman, Gavin Davis,Sarah Charton, Tara Nykiel

The annual Moishe House Purim party is not only a great way to celebrate Purim, but to meet other awesome Moishe house community members and residents. It’s a wonderful way to come together and celebrate the thriving Moishe house and Jewish community in Chicago.

Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party - Hyde Park

Hyde Park Moishe House – Mati Engel, Kate Emden, Michelle Brint, Dahlia Herzog

Purim is centered around joy, subversion, and community.  What better way to celebrate than by partying with fellow Moishe House community member and residents in costume?  Subvert whatever it is you’re subverting this month, and have fun doing it!

Chicago Moishe House Community Gives Back

All proceeds for the Purim Party will be donated to Maot Chitim. Maot Chitim provides food to those in need during Passover and the High Holidays to allow the holiday to be celebrated in a dignified way, and generously provides unused food for local Moishe Houses to use for their respective services. In 2018, 32,000 people were helped feed through this incredible organization. Save the date to volunteer with this organization: Sunday, April 7th for non-perishable packing day and Sunday, April 14th for delivery day.


Chicago's 2019 Moishe House Purim Party - Flyer

Chicago’s 2019 Moishe House Purim Party 
Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
7pm-11pm $5 | Estate Ultra Bar 1177 N Elston Ave

Come one, come all! The Chicago Moishe Houses are joining forces for the fourth year to bring you the Purim Party of the year! Join us on Wednesday March 20th at Estate Ultra Bar for a costume party of biblical proportion. Food & Hamentashen will be provided along with music, drinks, food, costume contest, and reading from the book of Esther. Tickets can be purchased via ticketing link above or from a resident at any Moishe House program prior to the event.

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Josh Gibbs

Josh Gibbs