Four Wines For Your Not So K for P Seder

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Who says ANY of your Seder wine needs to be Manischewitz this year?

Impress your guests with an array of wines to fill your four Wines this Seder season.  

Disclaimer: None of these wines are necessarily certified kosher or kosher for Passover


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First Cup

After a long google search, I did not find any rule claiming you can *only* serve red wine during your Passover Seder, so why not start off with a rosé? It’s light enough to get you through the pre-noshing portion of the Seder, and leaves you more hydrated than a tannin-filled red. My go-to rosé these days is Summer Water (available at Whole Foods and Foxtrot Market for $22).

Second Cup

For the dipping of your finger during Dayenu (and to pair with your charoset sandwich), I’d go with a pinot noir. Its blood red color makes it ideal for this portion of the Seder, and it pairs well with a variety of food. My personal favorite is the Meomi Pinot Noir, which you can find at Trader Joe’s, Binny’s, and most other grocery and wine stores in the Chicago area for around $20.

Third Cup

The third cup of wine falls immediately after the Passover meal. I recommend serving a full-bodied red like a cabernet sauvignon here that embodies the heaviness of the story of Passover. For an affordable option, Vendaval Cabernet Sauvignon is available for $14 at Chicago WineHouse.

Fourth Cup

End your night with something sweet and sparkling to celebrate the Festival of Freedom. A crowd-pleasing certified kosher option is Bartenura Moscato d’Asti, which has an abundance of fruit-forward flavors, such as pear, tangerine, and melon.

PS. If you’re interested in hosting a Seder with your friends, OneTable is nourishing both first and second night Seders!

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By Jaclyn Nagel

Jaclyn Nagel


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Jaclyn Nagel

Jaclyn Nagel