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ChiTribe Continues to Search for Chicago’s Best Hummus – Cira Chicago

Everyone knows Jews love to eat – and we love to eat Israeli food. Have you ever passed by the Hoxton Hotel and wondered if that was a lobby or an amazing Middle Eastern restaurant? It is called Cira and you need to try it. ChiTribe explores the West Loop for the best Israeli food and Cira just made the list! 


Cira Chicago: Split Trendy Falafel + Hummus for $25 
For the pursuit of hummus, ChiTribe shlepped to the West Loop, deep in the heart of Fulton Market District, to Cira. Joined by local foodie Jordin Ruthstein (@westloopsoul), here is the hummus/falafel breakdown of Cira’s delicious Middle Eastern food with a twist.
Brown Butter Hummus $9 

chitribe cira hummus


Hummus, chorizo verde (not even a little bit Kosher) & pumpkin seeds

Cira Falafel $8

chitribe cira hummus falafel


Falafel with pickled carrots &  yogurt za’atar


ChiTribe Pick of the Week: Cira Chicago

$25 for Gourmet Hummus and Falafel is worth a shlep to the WestLoop!



Are you interested in helping ChiTribe find the most delicious ways to eat the food you love without spending too much? We are looking for Food Blog contributors! Chicago is one of the best foodie cities in the country, and we are only just beginning to explore the Jewish cuisine that is not on Grubhub. Email ChiTribe for more information!



Cira Chicago 200 N. Green Street | Boka Restaurant Group


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