Revolving Tables 2020 Event Chair, Meet Janie Bock

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Janie Bock is co-chairing Revolving Tables 2020, a one-of-a-kind networking event, hosted annually by the Visions Young Leadership Board of the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF). ChiTribe chatted with her about ICRF and why Revolving Tables 2020 is one of the best opportunities in Chicago. Registration is open now for Revolving Tables 2020 on April 23rd at the Ivy Room

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in Kansas City, a suburb of Kansas City. I went to school at Indiana University and studied Journalism and Marketing. I moved to Chicago after graduation and worked for a small wealth management firm for 2 years and then moved into real estate private equity sector and have worked in the industry since 2017.


What do you do for work now?

I am in the client service and marketing group at Harrison Street. In my role there, I create pitch books, quarterly reports and more.

What Do You Like to Do for Fun?

I love to cook and try new restaurants. I try new recipes and eat gluten free and have to be creative with what I make.

For restaurant recommendations – Hai Sous in Pilsen and Bento Box in Bucktown, Mi Tocoya in Logan.

Tell me about getting involved with Israel Cancer Research Fund

The first year I was living here I attended Revolving Tables. Katie Entratter was on the board and also from Kansas City. At that point, I was looking for a job and thought it would be great for networking. I had a great time and returned next year. I joined the Visions Young Leadership Board in 2019 and now I am co-chairing the ICRF’s Revolving Tables 2020.

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The ICRF board feels exciting. There are a lot of fresh ideas and amazing work being done on the board. We fund research grants for cancer research in Israel. Everyone has a connection to cancer and the work is important.

Tell Us About Last Year’s Event, What is a Memory You Have from It?

You never get to be in the room with top level executives across Chicago like this one. The opportunity to converse with them and ask them questions as well as networking with people around you who are at a similar age and place in their career. The extra factor to add is that you have the mentor relationships and the peer relationships.

The event kicks off and people might be unsure, and once the mentor sits down and gives an overview of what they do and how they got there and people around the table loosen up and ask questions. Last year, Pete Kadens told us a story about how he retired at 40 and then dedicated himself to his family and his foundation. The chance to ask professional and personal questions to mentors is a unique opportunity.

I am co-chairing the event with another board member, Zack Karmin who described his thoughts on the 2019 Revolving Tables last year.

Meet Israel Cancer Research Fund Event Chair, Zack Karmin


What can you tell us more about ICRF?

ICRF’s mission is to support the best and brightest scientists conducting groundbreaking cancer research in Israel and our vision is to eliminate suffering caused by cancer.

A little bit of history about ICRF – ICRF is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 by a group of American and Canadian physicians, scientists and philanthropists who recognized the extraordinary accomplishments and unique global impact of science in Israel. They envisioned Israel as a world-leader in cancer research. Now, hundreds of Israeli scientists across all fields of cancer are inspired by North American funding to conduct their research in world-class Israeli biomedical institutions.

Since ICRF was established, we have allocated over 72 million dollars through 2,500 grants. We are currently funding more than 70 research projects, making ICRF the largest non-governmental funder of cancer research in Israel.

What Would You Say to Someone Interested in Coming to Revolving Tables

I would say, get excited because it is going to be a great 6th annual event. It is a great opportunity to meet C-Suite executives, get to know them and network with those around you.

How do we get more involved with ICRF

Talk to me or a board member at the event at Revolving Tables and we will help you get involved.

6th Annual Revolving Tables

Revolving Tables 2020 Mentors

CEO | Prosper Trading Academy
Vice President of Partnerships | Chicago Scholars
Sports Journalist | NBC Chicago
Executive Vice President | Weber Shandwick Chicago
Founder | Amplify Snack Brands, Inc. (formerly SkinnyPop Popcorn)
Founding Principal | Farpoint Development
Partner | Origin Ventures
Human Behavior Hacker | Human Behavior Lab
Founder & CEO | Edge Sports International, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer | Cameo
Principal | ZS Associates
Founders | Shred415
Assistant Chief Pilot | Southwest Airlines
President | Skender Manufacturing
Founding Board Member | Impact Engine
Chief Marketing Officer | Molson Coors
Managing Partner | Taylor Investment Partners
Executive Vice President, Rapid and Molecular Diagnostics | Abbott
Founder and CEO | Cornerstone Restaurant Group

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