Virtual Shabbat Clusters This Week

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After a successful cluster last week, we are hosting another virtual Shabbat cluster! Are you interested in being part of the VIRTUAL ChiTribe Shabbat Cluster? This week we have two options! After you sign up, you will receive a Zoom link in your email on Thursday.

What are Virtual Shabbat Clusters?

It is a call over zoom with 10 others (households) to light the candles together, say Kiddish, and Motzei (no matter what you are eating or where you are). These virtual clusters will happen over zoom and the goal is to create a space for you to experience shabbat as part of a community. Also, we will of course play games and have ice breakers on every call. 


tiger king shabbat cluster chitribe

OG Shabbat Cluster April 3

Join us from 7-8pm CDT on Zoom for candles, kiddish, and challah. We will be doing ice breakers and schmoozing so no one eats Shabbat dinner alone! Just fill out this form.


Special Tiger King Discussion Cluster

Join us from 7:30-9:30 pm CDT on Zoom for candles, kiddish, and challah. This cluster will include a discussion full of theories, questions, and crazy insights about the Netflix original “Tiger King”. Since we are all binging in quarantine, let’s chat over Shabbat dinner about this insane series. You have time to Binge if you have not finished! Please register on Eventbrite

ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters are now virtual because of COVID-19 and we will reschedule the clusters that have had to be postponed. Sign up for ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters and create community and new connections over great food. Eat and celebrate Jewish life together…OVER THE INTERNET

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Rebecca Schwab

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