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COVID Inspired Creative Action for Women

Meet Sadie Teper! Sadie is running her own company called Twentysome Design during a pandemic and bringing women made design to the next level. Twentysome actually started in 2019, but with all of the craziness that has happened during the pandemic, Sadie realized how important it is to spread awareness about supporting women in a creative way.

I have found my voice through Twentysome. My main goal is supporting women, but that has taken on so many more meanings to me recently. I have been doing my best to share how different political events are impacting women.

Sadie Teper

The name Twentysome comes from Sadie’s persistent goal to make at least twenty-something of each project she tackled. For instance, 20 icons, 20 logos, etc. At the same time, she herself is a twenty-something-year-old trying to figure it out. The brand and idea has evolved since then, but Sadie kept the name because it speaks to how she got where she is now.

During the pandemic specifically, Sadie tells us how more women are working in essential roles in every industry from service roles to nurses and caregivers. These women on the front lines are constantly at a higher risk of being exposed. As this pandemic is truly global, this is yet another setback for women in the workforce on a global level. Also during COVID, staying motivated and creating something new and artistic immediately is challenging.

We wanted to learn more about where Sadie finds her inspiration during self-isolation. Her answer was simple and clear: ANGER.

sadie teper twentysome design chitribe

Anger has fueled a lot of my work recently due to all of the injustices happening right now in our country.

Sadie Teper

Motivated by anger and in response to the world she saw, Sadie was inspired to create in order to find her voice as a designer. Sadie shared that 83% of Etsy shops are run by women, and almost 90% of those shops rely on USPS to ship their orders to customers. This recent attack on USPS is also an attack on women who own small businesses, like Sadie and many others.

When she first started out, Sadie was not sure if people would be willing to spend money on unnecessary items. Many people are struggling financially right now, so she priced many items lower than competitors at first. Now she has realized the demand is there and has priced her items more competitively. Buy Sadie’s design here>>

Meet Sadie Teper

Where are living right now during the Pandemic?

Chicago! I’ve stayed in my apartment in Lakeview, which has been weird since I love to travel.

What do you for work?

I’m a graphic designer! I work for a publishing company, so I work on everything from designing book covers, to making fun promotional bookmarks, and laying out entire book interiors.

Favorite takeout spot during the Pandemic?

Brazilian Bowl! It is delicious in my opinion, and I love supporting a local place instead of large chains.

Do you have a new pandemic hobby?

Illustration! I have had plenty of free time, so I’ve been working to expand my already existing design skillset into something more.

Best virtual resource for people working from home? It’s not quite a resource, but it’s a good pretend escape for everyone with wanderlust like me!

What is your most important takeaway from this experience?

“Keep fighting. Keep speaking up and using your voice.”

Support Sadie and Twentysome

Support Sadie and Women made design on Etsy and beyond. Find Twentysome products here>>




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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates