Moroccan Salmon Recipe by Laura Elkayam

moroccan salmon recipe chitribe

From Inside Laura Elkayam’s Kitchen

This Elkayam family recipe is course number 2 of 4 in a typical shabbat or holiday meal. If eaten right, you never use your fork (and instead nudge and scoop the salmon with its surrounding sauce (called ‘H’raime‘) with a generous nub of challah). It elevates the meal and opens up the appetite for more yummy food! As is the case with all authentic North African/Middle Eastern recipes, Laura could not give the exact measurements, but she does her best to describe the qualities and process to get the perfect Moroccan Salmon.

moroccan salmon recipe chitribe

Moroccan Salmon Recipe


Slab of boneless, skinless salmon, cut into portioned strips about 1.5-2 inches wide

Vegetable or Canola oil

4-7 cloves crushed garlic (fresh, not the jarred stuff – can never be too much, quantity up to you)

1 bunch of washed and coarsely chopped parsley

1 bunch of washed and coarsely chopped cilantro

Table salt

White pepper

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Coarse Galil Paprika in oil (this is available at Hungarian kosher foods in Skokie. If you are determined to use this recipe, you can also contact Laura and she will share a pouch of this spice with you for COVID-friendly pickup in the West Loop). 

Marak Off (Chicken Consomme Powder – parve) (same as above – if you need just a bit to try the recipe, contact Laura). 


In a deep pan that looks something like this, cover the bottom generously with oil and heat on medium-high flame.

When oil is hot, toss crushed garlic in the pan and while it’s sizzling and before it turns brown, add chopped cilantro, chopped parsley, and a generous heap of coarse paprike. Mix it up and fry these items for 6-8 minutes until the items turn dark.

recipe base hillel loop chitribe

Add 1-1.5 cup of water

Add healthy couple shakes of salt (don’t be shy), a sprinkle of white pepper, and a shake of consomme.

Stir the mixture and bring the liquid to a boil (which will happen quickly).

Gently lay the salmon pieces inside and spoon the juices over the pieces of salmon. Cook covered for 7-8  minutes on high and uncovered on medium-low for 10 minutes. Spoon the juices over the salmon 2-3 times throughout.  

Let rest before serving. It’s good a little warm, at room temp, and it’s even really good cold the next day on a bagel and cream cheese!  

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Laura Elkayam

Laura Elkayam