ChiTribe Business of the Month: Les Fleurs du Mal

jewish business of the month Les Fleurs du Mal

Chicago Flowers: Les Fleurs du Mal

Introducing ChiTribe Business of the Month: Les Fleurs du Mal. ChiTribe is excited to feature Les Fleurs du Mal and owner Naomi Schitkovitz. ChiTribe Business of the Month is a special feature of a local business run by a member of the Tribe who should be recognized for their hard work. Originally in Tel Aviv, now Chicago local – introducing Les Fleurs du Mal, a Jewish-owned floral shop in Chicago, Illinois! Naomi’s beautiful floral arrangements here are worth the read.

jewish business of the month Les Fleurs du Mal

Meet Naomi and Les Fleurs du Mal

Where are you from?

I am from Riverwoods, IL but went to Deerfield High School.

When did you start your business? 

I started my business in November of 2020 and officially opened my shop in January 2021.

jewish business of the month Les Fleurs du Mal

Where is your business located? 

My business is located at 915 W. Belmont Ave, in Lakeview, next to Ann Swathers.

What products/services does your business offer? 

I offer custom floral bouquet, potted plants, floral design services for Weddings, Events and Funerals and design rooftop gardens and planters as well as custom order plants. 

Tell us about yourself! 

 I am 27 and have always loved everything Earth-related! I am tentative to start a graduate program to become a Doctor of Chinese medicine in the Fall of this year in addition to running my business. I think it is very important to treat our bodies as well as possible and with minimal chemicals as possible.

What do you do for fun?

When I have free time I like to work out and cook as well as read books about medicinal plants and how to grow them. I also love going to the lakefront and swimming and when I get a chance to visit my Dad in the pacific northwest I love going hiking and exploring the mountains. 

What did you do Jewish growing up? 

What did I not do?! I attended Hebrew school since as far back as I can remember. Had my Bat Mitzvah on November 11th, my portion was Vayera! I think it is always kinda funny because my birthday is always on or around the jewish holidays and my birthday has fallen on Rosh Hashona a few times already as well as on Yom Kippur and that my 36th birthday will fall on Yom Kippur which is a double ironic as it’s a denomination of 18 which is a symbolic number in Judaism. I lived in Israel for a year studying psychology and I loved it there more than anything. I am really lucky to have had an opportunity to immerse myself in the Israeli culture.

How do you stay motivated during the Pandemic with a small business?

jewish business of the month Les Fleurs du Mal

Flowers and plants were so independent of the pandemic – and they had such a great relationship as many people were at home and wanted to create spaces for themselves that felt more relaxing, and plants are such an excellent way to achieve that. My motivation during the pandemic was to be able to bring a little cheer and brightness to the fact people were stuck at home. I think flowers and plants have such an enormous impact on our spirits and overall happiness.

What are your goals for your business? 

 I really want to get into more holistic and herbal remedies here. I am planning to start making my own organic whipped shea butter infused with different essential oils as well as carry another brand of really amazing body products. I have already inquired with some companies for carrying their essential oils and candles. I’d love to become a crossover apothecary store and florist/plant shop. 

What is unique about your business? 

jewish business of the month Les Fleurs du Mal

What is unique about my business, I think is the design and name. My shop has a very boutique style so it feels less overwhelming then some other traditional plant and flower shops. The name of the business is named after a French Poet, Charles Baudelaire – and this book was a collection of poems that tested and tempted the culture and societal norms in the 19th century when it came to women’s sensuality as well as the limits of sin and evil.

How do we order your product? 

You can order directly through the website or can call or text 312-420-6011 and order directly with me. 

Check out Les Fleurs du Mal on Instagram!

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