February Jewish Bookshelf: Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary by Johanna Kaplan

ChiTribe February Jewish Bookshelf: Loss Of Memory Is Only Temporary

February Jewish Bookshelf is here. The Jewish Bookshelf is ChiTribe’s newest feature that highlights the creativity and excellence of Jewish authors around the world. Each month we will introduce a new book that is authored by Jewish individuals or is centered on Jewish themes, concepts, and characters.

February 2022 ChiTribe Jewish BookShelf

Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary by Johanna Kaplan

Published February 15, 2022

At once specific to a particular period, place, and milieu—mainly, Jewish New York in the decades after World War II—Kaplan’s stories resonate with universal significance.

johanna kaplan, Amazon Sales Page

About the Author

Author and teacher Johanna Kaplan was born in New York City in 1942. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, New York University, and Columbia University Teacher’s College. She has been publishing short stories and novels since the 1970s, with her first novel “O My Ameria!” in 1980. Johanna Kaplan began publishing short fiction about American-Jewish life in the 1970s, “at a time when the tapestry of American-Jewish life seemed threadbare” (Johanna Kaplan, Biography Page, JRank.org).

This week, her newest book all about the art of stories was published and is now available on Amazon. In this new collection, which includes both early and later stories, unforgettably vivid characters are captured in all of their forceful presence and singularity, their foolishness and their wisdom, their venality and their nobility, while, hovering in the background, the inexorable passage of time and the unending pull of memory render silent judgment. (Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary, Amazon Sales Page)

I am concerned with the ways in which the past, specifically Jewish history, has a way of peeking through to everyday present.

Johanna kaplan, Biography Page

From the Amazon Sales Page for Johanna’s New Book:

Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary: Stories (Art of the Story)

A funny, fresh, and brilliantly insightful collection of stories from a beloved writer, with a new introduction by Francine Prose.

In its pitch-perfect command of dialogue matched with interwoven subtleties of insight and feeling and masterful control of language, Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary is itself a timeless collection of the finest work by one of the most extraordinary talents of our age. 

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