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Meet Neda Rahmanim of Rahmanim’s Imports, ChiTribe business of the month. Neda is originally from Tehran, Iran, and loves her job playing with diamonds all day. Rahmanim’s Imports was founded in 1980 by her parents and Neda and her brother Dan joined the company to take the family business to the next level. Rahmanim’s Imports was recently named one of the best local jewelry stores in Chicago by Better Chicago Magazine. She loves traveling, photography, and playing Mahjong with her friends. Rahmanim’s Imports puts a special emphasis on giving back to different causes like homeless in Chicago and the IDF. Learn all about Neda and Rahmanim’s Imports!

Where are you from? 

Tehran, Iran

What did you do Jewish growing up?

Growing up I went to Hebrew school, was involved in USY, celebrated Shabbat weekly and kept a Kosher home.

What do you do for fun?

My job is fun.  I get to play with diamonds all day.  Besides playing with diamonds and selling romance all day I love to travel. I love to try “sexy” coffee from different places around the world and post it on my Instagram account called Lavish Lattes.   I also love photography and playing Mahjong with friends.

neda rahamnim Rahmanim's Imports chitribe

When did you start your business? 

Rahmanim’s Imports was founded in 1980 by my parents, Naser & Vahideh Rahmanim. My brother and I joined the company after college and have taken the company to another level.  We now have 2 offices (Chicago and New York), sell to online companies, local dealers and internationally.  Up until Covid we did between 2-3 trade shows in Hong Kong and numerous trade shows in the States.  My passion and expertise is designing specialty pieces for my retail clients.  We are now fortunate enough to have a third-generation join our business and they are taking it to another level that we never expected.

Where is your business located?

Chicago and New York

Chicago Address: 5 South Wabash Avenue, Suite 1211, Chicago, IL  60603

What products/services does your business offer? 

We specialize in ideal cut GIA loose natural diamonds however we also design specialty pieces for both wholesale and retail clients.

How have you stayed motivated during the Pandemic? 

We remained devoted to keeping our office alive and came into the office.  We kept in touch with clients and maintained our social media presence.  

What are your goals for your business? 

Our goals are to improve online sales and expand our social media presence.  We hope to expand our inventory and create a showroom in NY as well.  Lastly, we hope to expand our philanthropic endeavors.  I started off with IDF_sisters.  I already knew how to design bracelets so “Livestrong” came naturally to me.  In a short period of time, we raised over 26000.00 for the IDF.  We were able to donate bulletproof vests and Leathermen to the IDF.  After that, I took on the Chicago homeless epidemic.  Throughout the last few years, we have donated care packages to homeless adults and kids in Chicago.  My next goal is to work with the local JCC to help the Jewish community.

neda rahamnim Rahmanim's Imports chitribe

How do we order your products? 

We list our stones on an international diamond platform called Rapnet along with our own website.  Additionally, you can visit our showroom where we exhibit all of our fine jewelry and loose diamonds.  Finally, you can order our pieces on our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin).

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