Yemen Blues starring Ravid Kahalani at the House of Blues

Yemen Blues starring Ravid Kahalani at the House of Blues chitribe

Yemen Blues is coming to Chicago on February 23 at the House of Blues “Back Porch Stage”

Yemen Blues is coming to Chicago’s House of Blues on February 23, so join the concert and support Israeli artists. The band’s frontman, Ravid Kahalani, is one of Israel’s most dynamic and exuberant performers on stage — he’s sometimes compared to Prince or James Brown — but the different threads of his music emerge as much from the synagogue as from the concert hall. Kahalani was born in Israel to Yemenite-Jewish parents who stayed close to their roots. Brought to Chicago by Metro Chicago Hillel, BASE Loop, and the House of Blues.

This is the real Israel.  The one you won’t find on the front page. 

Rav Ezra, BASE Loop

As a child, he was taught traditional Yemenite chants and took religious courses with a Yemenite rabbi. The influence in the music is evident — some of his songs are directly out of that repertoire (JPost).

My music has been embraced by Muslim youth. Fans from Yemen write to me saying that Yemen Blues has brought them pride. They feel as if the music represents them

Kahalani, Times of Israel

Although founded in Israel, the group is expected to attract an eclectic audience of Middle Easterners and locals.

Brought to you by Metro Chicago Hillel, BASE Loop, and Rav Ezra

Rav Ezra, Rabbi of BASE Loop, fell in love Yemen Blues the first time he heard their music. He had the idea to bring Yemen Blues to Chicago years ago and finally is making it a reality. After seeing Yemen Blues perform in Tel Aviv in 2021, Rav Ezra decided that it is time to expose the Chicago community to authentic and real Israeli culture. This event is made possible by Metro Chicago Hillel.

I had this idea a few years ago to bring in a cool Israeli band to get people to know Israeli culture, Israeli music.  This is the real Israel.  The one you won’t find on the front page.  In 2021, I was leading a birthright trip and got a notification that Yemen Blues was going to be putting on a free show in Tel Aviv while I was still in town.  I was drawn to their vibe but had never seen them live.  It was the best show I have ever been to.  The room was packed.  Everyone was flowing and dancing. We were one.  It was awesome. 

In partnership with the House of Blues, BASE and Yemen Blues, Rav Ezra is bringing true Israeli energy to Chicago.

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Photos from the Concert

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