Afikoman Fest 2023

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Finding the Afikoman just got real

Join ChiTribe and Players Sports for the Afikoman Fest 2023, an exciting PASSOVER event [on Easter Sunday] celebrating the best part of the seder – Afikoman hunt! This 2-hour event will be held on the Northside (location TBA) and is perfect for Passover. $25 to participate per player!

Afikoman Fest 2023 is an adult color war mixed with Passover themed challenges. Teams of 6 people can sign up together to form teams, or choose to be assigned on the day of the event.

Afikoman Fest 2023: The Games

THE giant Afikoman search in Chicago for adults! This opening event will bring together the Jewish community with a giant search for Matzah. There will be prizes and your team will receive a bonus for every piece of matzah your team finds!

1. The Rabbi Duck Slingshot: A fun way to remind us of the Exodus from Egypt, but this time with a slingshot to launch little rubber duckies into the promised land.
2. Magen David Bottle Transfer: A team-building challenge where teams must transfer water from one point to another in a Kosher wine bottle, navigating obstacles along the way. We crossed the red sea, we can handle this!
3. Kosher for Passover: Whip Cream Gelt Find: Keeping it kosher for Passover but messy for fun. Search for hidden chocolate candies that are, while a hanukkah tradition, kosher for Passover all year round.
4. Build the Pyramids: A real throwback for the ages! Just like the Israelites combined brick and mortar in the hot sun of Egypt, we must work together in 2023 to build a pyramid of yoga balls. Of course, honoring our ancestors.
5. Race from Pharoah: Cowboy Style with Horses: A cowboy-themed relay race, an homage to our desperate dash from Egypt, complete with cowboy hats, bandanas!

Throughout the events, participants will be searching for pieces of a Matzah puzzle. The winning team will be the one that can connect all the pieces of the puzzle.

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