2024 YJP Israel Shabbat Retreat with J-Life

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Unite, Connect, and Celebrate: A Weekend of Jewish Community and Fun in Northbrook

This March 8-10th, join the upcoming J-Life Shabbat Retreat in Northbrook for an unforgettable experience for young Jews from across the county and Chicagoland. ChiTribe is featuring this event to help J-Life spread the word about a weekend filled with fantastic programming designed to bring together over 100 young Jewish individuals for an event that’s both meaningful and fun. With tickets priced at $140 and an early bird special of just $99, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Secure your spot now for a weekend that includes Casino Night, Speed Dating, top-notch Entertainment, and an Open Bar. This Shabbaton is specifically focusing on the Israel including an IDF veteran who will join the event and speak about their experience. For more information and to grab your tickets, register here. Questions or need further details? Feel free to call J-Life Chicago at 773-677-8938. Please note, acceptance to this exclusive event is contingent upon a Zoom interview, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for all attendees.

This Shabbaton is a gateway to a larger journey with J-Life Chicago. As the community grows, fueled by the warmth of new connections and the excitement of innovative events, step into a space where your Jewish heritage is celebrated in all its facets. This is an opportunity to feel Jewish unity around Israel and speak with an IDF veteran. Join J-Life Chicago on March 8-10 for the opportunity to meet new and like minded young professionals. Register for a weekend that promises not only fun and entertainment but also the opportunity to be part of a dynamic community that embraces both tradition and the modern world.

Photos from Last Year’s Shabbatone

Learn All About J-Life Chicago

J-Life Chicago is rapidly becoming the heartbeat of urban Jewish life, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity. We pride ourselves on being more than just an organization; we’re a close-knit family dedicated to the vibrant community of Jews in their 20s and early 30s. J-Life hosts many events including networking, mentorships, and trips including Israel and Costa Rica. At J-Life Chicago, laughter and shared stories fill the air, creating an environment where every individual is valued for who they are. Our events are crafted to foster connections, encourage enriching discussions, and provide a welcoming space for personal exploration. This weekend event is a testament to our commitment to innovation, community, and the joy of Jewish living. Learn more about what makes J-Life Chicago so special at https://www.jlifechi.org/.

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