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About the J

The journey begins with J.

Located at the intersection of Jewish and life, JCC Chicago is a life-affirming journey that builds on the richness and power of Jewish values. It begins wherever you are. In the greater Chicago area. And life. For a young Jewish family in Lakeview, it begins at the Florence G Heller JCC. Here a remarkable staff welcomes a child (and all the worry that comes with her), and surround her with loving attention as she takes her first Jewish steps. For a family in Lake County, it begins at Garoon Gateway to Science, an outdoor science park that pushes the envelope on JCC’s commitment to learning. For a group of retirees, it begins in Northbrook where they make good on a promise to get back in shape and strengthen their friendship along the way. For an 8 year-old city kid, it begins on the near west side (not too far from where it all began) at a summer camp where it’s a toss up for a lasting memory.

Shuffleboard at the Royal Palms

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club 1750 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Kick off your Chicago summer in style with food trucks, shuffleboard, and open bar! Meet Jewish young professionals across Chicago…