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Finding a culturally aware DJ whose knowledge of Jewish music doesn’t end on Hava Nagila can be hard, but Simcha Events has got you covered!

During our interview with Yoni and Ewa, the newest Chicago power couple, we learned so much about the rules and customs involved in running any but especially Orthodox Jewish events that we wanted to break it down for you. Yoni and Ewa’s company Simcha Events manages all AV equipment, set up, Jewish photo booths, custom lighting, and coordinate with all contracted event staff. Basically, they do it all including a Star of David monogram on the ceiling.

And! Yoni can DJ and MC in Hebrew. From Ashkenazi to Sephardic, through American classic, the incredible Yoni Yemini is the premier Hebrew bilingual DJ in the Chicagoland area.

On the Side:

Ewa’s dedication to special education continues as she works part time, remotely for her old company as a care coordinator.

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Simcha Events specializes in producing all types of Jewish events. Being able to produce an event for a religious person without breaking any religious laws or offending anyone is a difficult feat. Simcha Events has the behind the scenes look at a successful and painless Jewish event.

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Simcha Tips for Success

  • If you meet with a client on a fast day: DO NOT EAT or offer the client food. Always check if it is a fast day.
  • Server Success:
    • Dress modestly: wear a shirt that goes below your elbows, pants or skirts that go below the knees, NO CLEAVAGE
    • Explain to female staff not to shake the Rabbi’s or any other man’s hand (and vice versa!)
  • Kosher laws prohibit any outside food in the venue, so feed staff Kosher catering.
    • Since the staff work long hours on their feet, this is an important policy for Simcha Events
  • Music is a whole thing.
    • Hebrew music has to be entirely clean when translated
    • Women can not be in any songs
  • Make sure the person running the Photo Booth is appropriately, modestly dressed.
  • Keep a checklist of religious items needed for orthodox ceremonies (that most couples can not even list all of)
  • Have any and all the ceremonial objects on hand
  • To be on the safe side, the wine always needs to mevushal

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