Jewish Couples Who Met at Temple Sholom – Jamie & Paul

met you at chitribe jamie paul

Relationship Status: Dating

Met ON…  Temple Sholom for Sushi Shabbat by Makom


Paul’s friend Eddie Simon introduced us since he had met Jamie at a party a while back. For the full story from Jamie’s perspective: Sharon and Ilana, encouraged me to go to Sushi Shabat at Temple Sholom. While shmoozing I ran into Eddie who introduced me to his friend (who Shayna encouraged to come to the dinner). I talked with Paul that whole night (getting shushed throughout services), and went out with his friends and my roomie Amanda after dinner, but left without giving him my number. By the time I went to bed that night Paul found me on Facebook, had messaged me and we had plans for our first date for dinner two nights away.

met you at chitribe jamie paul

Key to Relationship Success:

We each have our own social lives, work and passions that we maintain and share with each other. I think we are good at being independent, which helps our relationship be stronger.

And the Nagging…

Literally everything, like no joke. (Paul nagging Jamie, not the other way around).

Favorite Jewish Experience as a Couple:

Working the dance floor at the Gen Z Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Check us out at #ShamelessPlug

met you at chitribe jamie paul

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