“The One with Four More Questions to Ask at Seder This Year”

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Spice up your Passover seder this year with a few conversation starters. Here is some food for thought today to take with you to your seder, as you indulge your Charoset cravings. 

“Another 4 questions? But seder is already long enough! Dayenu!!!”  

Dig deeper for a moment. Whether you are going to a local OneTable Shabbat x Seder, heading to the ‘burbs, flying out of town to be with extended family, or went to City Winery’s 19th Annual Downtown Seder, this is an opportunity to think to yourself:

What do you look forward to most about your seder?

a) Four cups of K for P wine

b) Flourless chocolate cake and homemade matzo brittle

c) Singing Chad Gadya after those four cups of wine

The One Where I Drink All The Wine chitribe

Understandably, your answer probably does not include the story of Passover. It is the same story every time, and after all, you have gone around the table reading from the Haggadah literally every single spring.

But just think about how you have no problem rewatching that F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode you’ve seen 120 times…four more questions is nothing!

Side Note:  RIGHT! They totally should have written “The One with the Passover Seder”. We all know they OVERDID Thanksgiving and the Hannukah Armadillo would have totally been invited to seder.

Food for Thought on Freedom

You know that one undeniable theme of Pesach is freedom. Every year we retell the story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt through the parted Red Sea, and we, Jews around the world, from Chicago to Israel, celebrate freedom as we lean and sing the line, “kulanu misubean” in Ma Nishtanah / The Four Questions.  

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Freedom comes in many forms, from human rights to entrepreneurship to creative freedom that allows you to express yourself.

Four MORE Questions to Ask at Seder 2019

Number 1: Who would you bring with you to your seder, if you could invite anyone?

Number 2: What song inspires you to live your life to the fullest? AND What are your 3 “ingredients” for living life to the fullest? Why? Share some stories behind the 3 that you choose.

Number 3: What’s next on your food & travel bucket lists? When can you make those plans happen? Who’s joining you?

Number 4: What creative cravings do you have? Are you chasing them, or have you put them on hold, because of “being too busy?”

Bring these with you to seder. Let’s raise our glasses and celebrate the freedom we do have to be better versions of ourselves every day, surrounded by people who help us to do that. Whether you are the host of the seder or a guest at someone else’s this year, take advantage of being together by asking and answering these four questions during Shulchan Orech (your main meal) and you will feel full and more fulfilled. Who should ask these questions at your seder? Well of course, the Wise One in the room! 

Just remember what song you shared at your seder that inspires you to live your life to the fullest. Have fun!

By Lauren Feingold and Sari Feingold, Co-hosts and Executive Producers of Creative Cravings Podcast

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Happy Pesach! חג פסח שמח


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Sari and Lauren