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Show you CARE with SHALVA

SHALVA is the only Jewish agency in the Chicago metropolitan area specifically certified by the State of Illinois to provide domestic violence counseling. All SHALVA therapists are Illinois-Certified Domestic Violence Professionals (ICDVP) with masters’ degrees. SHALVA is sensitive to the unique religious and cultural issues many Jewish families face while also addressing the universal needs all abuse survivors must face.

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Virtual Bar Mitzvah Bash DisDANCING 2020

Join the party! Thursday April 2nd, join the VIRTUAL Bar Mitzvah Bash 2020. All you need is a computer with Zoom and Spotify and yourself. Join YAD, YLD, ChiTribe as we bring the Chicago Young Adult Community together for a night of dancing. These are dances you know, you love, maybe you hate… but you still are going to dance next Thursday because what else are you doing.

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ChiTribe PreShow Big Event 2019

ChiTribe PreShow Big Event 2019 ChiTribe PreShow Exclusive: The Biggest Jewish Event in Chicago ChiTribe is so excited to produce the second PreShow exclusive 2019! This year, the ChiTribe section made up four full tables and we had a blast

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ChiTribe Channukah Guide 2019

ChiTribe Channukah Guide 2019 The best list of Hanukkah Events in Chicago in 2019 featuring lights, spinning dreidel and cycling, menorah mindfulness, endless latkes, miraculous bar crawls, and spiritual shabbat dinners hosted all over the city. *There are over 50

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Shavuot 2019 Guide

Shavuot 2019 is here and Chicago is, and we almost forgot!!! Did you? Get ready for lactate and cheese cake, torah and studying, and much more.  When is Shavuot 2019? Shavuot 2019 begins Saturday June 8th at night. (That’s right

Authentic Hummus in Chicago: LaShuk

There’s hummus, and there’s authentic hummus. I couldn’t find anything that reminded me of the flavor, texture and taste I missed from home. Therefore, I made it my mission to create the best hummus I can and bring it to the

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2019 Chicago Afikoman Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Find the Afikoman in Chicago – Scavenger Hunt for Adults  Follow @YourChiTribe on Instagram to Win! All week on Instastory @YourChiTribe is giving you clues to win some big kid prizes for find OUR Afikoman during your lunch break. Post about it