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chitribe shavuot 2019

Shavuot 2019 Guide

Shavuot 2019 is here and Chicago is, and we almost forgot!!! Did you? Get ready for lactate and cheese cake, torah and studying, and much more.  When is Shavuot 2019? Shavuot 2019 begins Saturday June 8th at night. (That’s right

Authentic Hummus in Chicago: LaShuk

There’s hummus, and there’s authentic hummus. I couldn’t find anything that reminded me of the flavor, texture and taste I missed from home. Therefore, I made it my mission to create the best hummus I can and bring it to the

afikoman scavenger Hunt

2019 Chicago Afikoman Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Find the Afikoman in Chicago – Scavenger Hunt for Adults  Follow @YourChiTribe on Instagram to Win! All week on Instastory @YourChiTribe is giving you clues to win some big kid prizes for find OUR Afikoman during your lunch break. Post about it

Meet Maot Chitim YP Board Member Sammantha Marks

Meet Maot Chitim YP Board Member Sammantha Marks

Meet Maot Chitim YP Board Member Sammantha Marks Sammantha Marks is a founding member of the Maot Chitim YP Board which is hosting their first ever Happy Hour at Beermiscuous in Lincoln Park. She chatted with C  hiTribe about Tikkun Olam, breaking

Winter Shabbat Clusters are LIVE

Shabbat Clusters are LIVE and BETTER than ever! After the first round of successful clusters, ChiTribe will be organizing the winter round 2019! Groups are for singles and couples. Jews of all backgrounds are welcome. Clusters are formed based on location,

Dybbuk DePaul ChiTribe

A Dybbuk at DePaul

   Spotted: Yiddish Theatre in Chicago. A Dybbuk at DePaul! Take a journey to the past with this moving Jewish shtetl love story that turns into a ghostly folktale-live in Chicago! ChiTribe interviewed Director Jeremy Aluma about this production to learn