2019 Chicago Afikoman Scavenger Hunt

afikoman scavenger Hunt

Let’s Find the Afikoman in Chicago – Scavenger Hunt for Adults

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April 25th


This famous statue was actually designed by a famous Spaniard, but it resembles, among other things, the Egyptian Sphinx.

April 24th


Moses floated down the Nile in a basket made reeds. Thousands of tourists have floated down the river since 1935 to learn about Chicago’s skyline in one of these.

April 23rd


The recipe Jews have used to make matzah has remained the same for thousands of years. Brownies were invented many years later at this famous Chicago hotel, which still uses the original, century-old recipe.


There’s a fast-paced Passover song about this animal that “my father bought for two zuzim.” This particular animal is also a central figure in Chicago sports lore. The famous menu item at the animal’s owner’s restaurant became a punchline on Saturday Night Live.

April 22nd


Passover celebrates the Jews’ freedom from slavery and exodus from Egypt. This honest Illinoisan emancipated America’s slaves in 1863. His name and image are all over the city and state, but you’ll find the afikomen where he’s watched over “Lolla”goers and the celebration of America’s first black president.

ANSWER: Lincoln Statue, Grant Park


As the song goes, Pharaoh awoke with these in his bed one morning. A giant one sits atop this wild restaurant in River North.

ANSWER: Rainforest Cafe, River North


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Steffie Drucker

Steffie Drucker