Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Jonny Imerman

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Let’s Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Jonny Imerman

Where did you grow up?

Bloomfield in Detroit area, MI — D-townnnnnnn!!!! 😉

What did you do Jewish growing up? 

I was bar mitzvah’ed, went to Israel once with my whole family. Personally, I love all human beings but the J’s have a special place in the heart. 

Where did you go to school?

Cranbrook High school in Bloomfield hills MI, University of Michigan for undergrad (go blue!), and Wayne State University in Detroit for my MBA.

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What do you do for work?

Social impact startup guy, our team started (1on1 peer cancer support, global network of 10K+ people who volunteer to give back 1on1), and now — we are building the world’s largest site where people can buy quality, charity-branded apparel and help causes they care about GROW! causes need more awareness of their powerful mission!!

What do you do for fun/to relax?

I LOVE my social impact jobs! I also work out at the gym, and hang out with good people, and play sports like tennis when I find time.

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Where is your favorite spot to do Karaoke?

It is called “Duck and Hide”

What is your favorite Jewish Chicago Event?

36 under 36 annual event through Oy! Chicago. 

What is your favorite way to spend shabbat?

With the fam, and that means usually (SHOUT OUT) my cousins the Lansky’s in Highland Park IL

Top three things on your Chicago bucket list?

1) Co-build another social impact co. that makes the world a better place

That is all.

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