Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Jojo Rubnitz

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Let’s Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Jojo Rubnitz
Where did you grow up?
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
What did you do Jewish growing up?  
Growing up: Jewish Day School, Camp Interlaken JCC, BBYO. Now I work for a Jewish Org and I take pics for ChiTribe events. I of course love Shabbat dinners with friends, and have many, LIKE MANY, Jewish friends.
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Where did you go to school?
University of Wisconsin- Madison #gobadgers
What do you do for work?
KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad
What do you do for fun/to relax?
I make pottery, draw, travel, and cook.
jojo rubnitz chitribe
What is your goto song to sing at Karaoke?
Don’t Stop Me Now or I Write Sins not Tragedies
What is your favorite Jewish Chicago Event?
Honestly, small one tables with my close friends are the best Jewish Chicago events for me.
jojo rubnitz chitribe
What is your favorite way to spend shabbat?
Cooking and hosting for all of my friends- Jewish and non Jewish
What makes the top of your Chicago bucket list?
I really want to go to the Shedd After Hours, and also eat at every amazing restaurant (which is not always easy when you are Gluten Free!)
When the Tribe Gathers… I am taking the pictures
Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca creates best practices and executes marketing campaigns for Jewish organizations who are trying to reach the next generation of the Jewish community - specifically Millennials and Gen Z - through digital marketing, social media, online and in-person events.