ChiTribe Fitness Contributor Jake Dermer Publishes Desk Job Survival Guide

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ChiTribe Fitness Contributor Jake Dermer Publishes Desk Job Survival Guide – Do It At Your Desk

Jake Dermer is the founder of Do It At Your Desk, a company dedicated to helping office workers live healthier, more-active, and pain-free lives. He is also a published fitness writer with a decade of experience in the personal training industry. Jake’s program is the result of years of dedicated effort on helping to dispel the myths around diet and exercise. As well as an avid rock climber and gym goer, he is a proud ChiTribe contributor. Learn more about Jake on his website and read his book today!




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Sitting at a desk all day can take a serious toll on your body and your mind. It can lead to weight gain, chronic pain, and depression. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Desk Job Survival Guide will help you develop a diet and exercise program that is realistic and customized to you. And more importantly, it will fit easily into your busy lifestyle.

If you want to improve the overall quality of your life and gain increased vitality, strength, and an overall sense of well-being, this guide will help get you there.

When it comes to achieving results from diet and exercise, consistency is far more important than intensity. And to become consistent you need to be clear about what works and what doesn’t.


The Desk Job Survival Guide will:

  • Dispel the myths around popular health and fitness fads
  • Help you select a diet and exercise program that is sustainable
  • Suggest quick and effective workouts that can easily fit into a busy schedule
  • Offer a variety of diet strategies so you can choose a match to your nutritional needs and lifestyle
  • The tools in this book aren’t meant to give you a six-pack by the end of the day, but they do offer a realistic approach to helping you maintain your ideal weight, live pain-free, and regain or develop the athletic prowess you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re committed to regaining your strength and vitality, The Desk Job Survival Guide will make you look good and feel great!


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