Even a Pandemic Won’t Stop Jews and Israelis From Finding Each Other

Pandemic Dating Panel Chicago and Boston

Like everything else this past year, dating during COVID-19 has been challenging, but certainly not impossible. In some cases, dating has been so successful weddings are in the works. So, how did those couples get together?

The Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest and the Israeli Consulate in Boston  are pairing up to offer insight into what the dating scene has been like for Jews and Israelis in Chicago, Boston, and Israel.

Ian Mark, founder of CoronaCrush, Rebecca Joey Schwab, ChiTribe founder and Executive Director and Jill Vandor of  LunchDates will take us through their professional journeys about this challenging dilemma.

Ian Mark is most recently the Founder of CoronaCrush, an online dating platform for Jewish singles around the world. He has a BBA from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. Upon graduating he worked as a trader in New York City for 3.5 years before making Aliyah in 2015. On moving to Israel, Ian quickly got involved in the tech scene, first working at a VC fund and then moving on to several startups (including one exit) and is currently the CEO of a small consulting business.


CoronaCrush is a new private Facebook group for Jewish singles looking to couple up in quarantine. A new app, called CoronaCrush started in Israel by Ian Mark now has 20,000 followers, at least seven engagements and who knows how many match-ups.



Rebecca Joey Schwab’s is the Executive Director of ChiTribe- THE online resource for Jewish engagement in the entire city of Chicago. Most of her friends like to tell her she is the “most Jewish person they know”. Rebecca specializes in identifying new markets of disengaged populations and applying engagement strategies throughout social media platforms. She put this knowledge to use when she decided to create a new organization in Chicago to reach the internet generation where they are at – online. ChiTribe is a product of best-in-class practices for Jewish engagement, online and off.



Jill Vandor is a trusted matchmaker for professional singles in Boston.  Executive Matchmaker at LunchDates

Amanda Monto

Amanda Monto