8 Nights for Chanukah Donuts in Chicago

8 Nights for Chanukah Donuts in Chicago chitribe

Do you ever wonder why it is a tradition to eat sufganiyot (donuts filled with jelly/jelly donuts) for Hanukkah? Many Jews eat fried foods to celebrate the miracle of the one-day oil supply lasting for 8 full nights.

You can continue to commemorate this marvel by eating donuts every night (and day) of Hanukkah! Here are 8 different options for finding Chanukah donuts in Chicago!

Stan’s Donuts

Stans Donuts Chanukah Chicago
Photo: @stansdonutschicago

This Los Angles based chain offers a magical jelly-filled donut for dessert lovers everywhere. Since their Chicago grand opening in 2014, Stan’s Donuts have continued to pop up all over the city. Stop by a location in your neighborhood for a Hanukkah deep fried treat.


Bombobar Jelly Donuts Chicago Chanukah
Photo: @bombobar

Calling all millennials! Bombobar has the most Instagram-able donuts, milkshakes and hot chocolates on the menu. Executive Chef Fabio is known for his famous “Bombolonis,” hole-less donuts infused with delicious flavors of jelly. This West Loop staple is open seven days a week, so you can satisfy your cravings any day you wish.    

The Doughnut Vault

The Doughnut Vault Jelly Doughnut Chanukah Chitribe

The Doughnut Vault is another beautiful Hogsalt production and these seasonal jelly donuts will leave you wanting more. Try the River North or West Loop destination to grab a scrumptious donut delicacy, baked fresh every day. Make sure to get there early, since Doughnut Vault only stays open until they run out of sweets.

Do-Rite Donuts and Chicken

Do Rite Donuts Chitribe Chanukah
Photo: @erinsinsidejob

Do-Rite Donuts and Chicken, as their name implies, is known for their artisanal jelly donuts (and chicken). This chef-owned shop should be on top of your Hanukkah sufganiyot list. If you aren’t into donuts, maybe fried chicken counts too for Chanukah? For Donuts – Vegan and gluten free options are also available.


Firecakes Jelly Donut Chicago Chitribe Chanukah
Photo: @firecakes

Check out Firecakes’ house made donuts with seasonal filling wrapped in pillowy dough and rolled in sweet sugar. You can inquire in-store for their current flavor of jelly. Make your whole office happy and grab a dozen and it will be a miracle if any are left. 


Dunkin Munchkins Chitribe Chanukah Chicago
Photo: @bklyn.bred

Two words – Dunkin’ Munchkins. Why is it so hard to find tiny jelly donuts in Chicago. Hit them quick because they will sell out during Chanukah. Special shoutout to the Kosher Dunkin’ in Skokie!

Mizrahi Grill

Mizrahi Grill Chanukah Jelly DOnut ChiTribe
Photo: @mizrahigrill

If you want some truly Israeli-style suganiyot you might have to go to the best part of Chicago, Highland Park. Mizrahi Grill had a location on Clark St. that closed so you can grab an authentic jelly donut and hit up the Botanic Gardens while you are at it. They have latkes too fry-ing up all Chanukah.

Urban Belly

Urbanbelly pbandj ice cream chitribe chanukajh
Photo: @urbanbellychicago

Look, by the end of Chanukah you are probably over the whole donut thing. But, don’t give up on sweets just yet. Ice cream can cure your glucose blues, especially in the winter. When was the last time you had ice cream anyways? At Urbanbelly you can try a peanut butter and JELLY sundae that can substitute for your daily donut (or 2). 

8 Nights of Donuts

If you are reading this after Hanukkah 2018 – mazel tov, you are still alive! Grab a friend and hit your favorite gym to work off those donuts before Christmas cookies hit your office and you drink your way through the New Year!

You can find Chanukah events in Chicago on ChiTribe’s Event Calendar!

Written by Amanda Monto

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Amanda Monto

Amanda Monto